Self Achievements

Day 16: Outside Christmas lights.

We do not have outside Christmas lights at my house, and I most certainly do not have any pictures of any outside lights (yet anyway) because as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t check the list for this challenge before it’s time to do the night’s post. Thankfully, I have finally taken a picture of the challenge, with half of it left to go, so that in the coming days, I’ll make sure to adhere to it as best as I can.

So anyway, I don’t have any pictures of lights, but I do have a picture of myself from earlier today while I was getting ready for the gym.

I was beyond excited and super happy this morning when I got on the scale for my weigh in. If you’ve been following this blog, you might know by now that I’ve been working hard to change my lifestyle and lose weight with the help of WeightWatchers. This past week I decided that I have a short term goal: to get under 200 lbs by the end of this year. As of today, I have 3.9 lbs until I’m at least 199.9 lbs. I think that’s doable in the next two weeks if I work really hard and eat clean and stay committed.

I am extremely proud of myself for the dedication and perseverance I put in to get to the point that I am at now. I know I need to improve in many ways, but that’s what time is for.

For now, here’s a picture I would never have taken a year ago.

Nobody gets you there but yourself. Every little achievement is a battle won in the long run.



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