Grand Central Station

So when I opened up the ‘new post’ option on here tonight, I realized that it’s December 1st for the umpteenth time today and that I no longer have to say what I’m grateful for. But I wanted to continue writing here, so I searched far and wide for a good challenge to do for this month and didn’t come up with anything good that wasn’t photography.

Soooooo, I decided you know what, I’ll just do photography this month.

I found this challenge on Pinterest if anyone is looking for a challenge or would like to do this along with me.

I’m going to try my very best to take as many of these photos with my Nikon and not my phone, but I know that some of them will have to be with my phone.

So day 1: your view today.

I didn’t take any pictures of anything today, so I don’t have a view to share with you all from today, but I do have a view to share from my New York City day trip in April of the Grand Central Station ceiling.

Kinda cool, right?

Kinda cool, right?

I like to take in my surroundings from floor to ceiling, and I tend to find really cool ceilings a lot of times. So if I have my camera with me, pictures will be taken.



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