Dial-Up: It Still Exists

Day 18.

Today I’m grateful that somehow, my mother managed to convince my dad to finally get rid of dial-up internet at the end of 2009.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – I suffered through a decade of dial-up internet while the rest of America had moved on to broadband/high-speed internet like 7 years before I did.

And the reason I bring this up is because I totally ran across a video on Tumblr that I liked a long time ago (but resurfaced cause someone I follow reblogged it) of someone connecting to AOL with dial-up. And the caption is perfect “remember when connecting to the internet sounded like performing an exorcism.” Yes. Yes, I do. Far too vividly.

But on the bright side, dial-up definitely taught me some degree of patience. Took an hour to watch a 3 minute video on Youtube. 



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