Day 3.

Today I am grateful that I decided to go swimming after cardio and weight lifting because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met an amazing elderly ex-Marine/Naval officer named Frank.

Despite being a little bummed that I didn’t get more laps in, I’m grateful that I turned my head as I was about to start another lap, because that’s when he decided to tell me that I have a really good backstroke.

Two hours later at closing time, I found myself rushing out of the gym with no bra on, pool flip flops on my feet, the top button of my coat popping as I booked it out of there, but feeling much more intellectually enriched than when I entered the gym  three and a half hours earlier.

He told me all kinds of great stories about being in the Marines and the Navy and we discussed religion and politics and ancient alien theorism and auras and out of body experiences and life and death and so much more. I find myself lucky to have encountered Frank. He taught me so much in so little time.

And that’s one of the best parts about life. Sometimes destiny just guides you to certain people or events so you can learn and grow and be a better person.



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