So this year for Halloween, I’m gonna be a fox. I had planned to be a fox last year, but I didn’t buy ears or a tail at the Ren Fest, and this year I finally indulged! I bought makeup and more brushes to help in actually creating a fox face. I think I did a pretty decent job.

And if you’re a deviantart geek, you can totally favorite this by clicking here.

I’m still deciding whether I want to do full on fox face on Halloween day. I think I probably will. But I also have to do it to Alyza’s face, cause we’re being foxes together. It takes time. I’m not positive, but I think it took me like an hour to do this tonight. And I’m only saying that that because Pandora asked me if I’m still listening.

Thank god that I have this all set though. This term is shaping out to be more work than I had expected.


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