An Interrupted Thought on the Influx of Men

I don’t know what it is these past 2 weeks, but I suddenly find myself in the midst of a downpour of MEN. Or perhaps a better description would be a sudden downpour of flirty advances.

Today as I left the library to go back to class for the last time, one of the new students – who I just met yesterday because he was playing music really loud and I went and told him he needed headphones – not only felt it necessary to talk to me the entire time that I happened to peruse books near him, and especially while I was putting my last book away, but as I was leaving he said “see you real soon” and this tone of voice that when I turned around my face was set in a perma-disgust-slightly-confused expression.

And I asked my friend Tina “Did I just get hit on?” and she said with a laugh “I think so!”.

And this is the part where I fall asleep at the keyboard for staying up all night Skyping and texting into the wee, wee hours of the morning. I don’t have enough energy to finish the rest of this post tonight.


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