Do you ever meet someone who completely changes your life? Like, I think all the people in your life do that. But there are some that alter it more than others. I find it extremely fascinating that we allow the lives and presence of others to alter our own.

Anyway, these certain people who stand out more than others come in two forms: really good and really bad. Sometimes they’re both. Sometimes they start out being really good for you. Or you think they’re really good for you. And then they crush you – be it mentally, emotionally, physically, or otherwise.

And depending on the severity of it, it can take a long time to heal, or a REALLY LONG TIME to heal. Like maybe you’ll never heal. I think healing from the emotional/psychological pain others inflict on us (especially severe cases) can take a lifetime. I think we carry opens wounds and scars with us to our deathbed when they’re that bad. I think some people are so wounded they reincarnate because they haven’t learned that lesson. And they go through it again. Until the lesson is learned. Rinse, repeat.

But then there’s the people who brighten our lives so much it’s like they radiate sunshine out of every crevice and corner of their being. And you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face because this person is in your life and you know you’re going to see them, or talk to them. Text them, IM them, email them, Skype them, whatever.

Maybe this person is your reason to live (though you should never put so much dependency on another being like that – it’s a heavy burden!) or maybe they’re your reason to dress up every day and put on your best attitude. Maybe they’re the reason you put on an extra spritz of perfume, or the reason you take the long way to get somewhere.

This other person is a happy bubble in your life, and you treasure that bubble like it’s the only bubble on earth. And maybe that’s the interesting thing about these people. That we fixate on them, whether they’re good or bad. It’s like we’re hard-wired to think about them. To torture ourselves by thinking of how wonderful they are or how much they ruined our lives.




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