Owww, Wisdom Teeth

Apparently the effects of prescription strength ibuprofen and Vicodin make me want to sleep like a baby all day long. On Wednesday I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out and have been drugged up since, not being able to smile too much because it hurts, and slowly feeding myself applesauce and baby food because it hurts too much to open my mouth very wide or chew anything substantial.

I don’t mind it much though. It’s uncomfortable, and tonight I discovered it’s annoyingly painful when I don’t take my meds. But otherwise, I like the whole nap time thing (except that my body totally wants to go to sleep right now…that might also have to do with the whole being awake until 6 AM last night thing) and eating rice pudding and watching episodes The Big Bang Theory on DVD or My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC.

I wish this break was longer though. It’s kind of blowing my mind that today is Friday and it’s nearly over and I only have 2 more days of break to enjoy. Like, what!? I’m not ready to go to back to school! Thank god I only have 3 classes this term though. Should be a bit of a lighter workload, so I’m looking forward to that.

But anyway…I should maybe go to bed.



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