Wishes Outta Airplanes

Day 29: 10 wishes

1. I wish that I were yours and you were mine and together we would waste the  time.

2. I wish I had a better camera.

3. I wish I knew what happened to you.

4. I wish my “love life” was different. Like maybe less fucking complicated.

5. I wish I had the money to go on at least one cruise a year for the rest of my life.

6. I wish I traveled more often.

7. I wish I could see my extended family more often.

8. I wish I did more shit. Like go out and drink and party and hang out with friends and play billiards and TP people’s lawns and cause a little ruckus.

9. I wish I had someone to do my hair for me every day so I could look fabulous on a 24/7 basis.

10. I wish I would’ve had the courage, confidence, and state of mind to start losing weight when I was younger.



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