Day 27: 10 things you wish you could change about yourself

1. My weight distribution. Usually I’d just say “my weight”. But that has been changing! In fact, I dropped 3.7 lbs this week. What I wish would change is where I have fat and how it looks.

2. The way I look from the side. I know, kind of an odd thing to wish for. But I feel like I look pretty good from the front. Side view? I just don’t dig it. Like as an outsider viewing myself, I wouldn’t be enticed.

3. Issues with letting go. It’s in my nature to cling to things. Physical, emotional, whatever. It’s hard for me to let shit go. I’m working on it though. Slowly.

4. Hyper-excitment/inadequacy in “love”. I’m like a dog who just learned they’re getting a new toy but I have no idea what to do with it. It’s kind of confusing and frustrating.

5. The sound of my voice. I like the way I sound to myself. I hate the way I sound on recordings – which I was told in 9th grade science class is what one sounds like to the world. Ew.

6. Style of telling stories. I tend to do this thing where I take for-fucking-ever to tell a story because I have to backtrack to make it all have sense. Or I’ll repeat things. Or get to almost telling the point but I won’t say it cause for some reason my genius brain decides it needs to say something else first. I hate when others take forever to tell me something, so I try not to do this.

7. Hair and eye color. I’ve always wanted auburn-ginger hair and green eyes.

8. Skin color. Although I know it’d probably clash with the ginger hair and green eyes, it’d be nice to have a perma-tan without looking like a whore, an oompa-loompa, or have any adverse effects.

9. My calves. They’ve shrunk an inch, but I’d like to have NORMAL PEOPLE calves in the future. I hate trying on boots and not being able to zip them all the way because I have beast calves.

10. Body hair. I wish I was hairless. I’d save so much time in the shower.



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