Personality Traits

Day 23: 10 personality traits you look for in a partner

1. Humor. You’ve gotta be able to make me laugh. I can’t be around people who can’t take and give jokes, you know?

2. Trustworthiness. I want to know I can go to bed trusting you not to sleep around with others or blabbing my secrets and shit.

3. Communication. If I don’t know what you want, I can’t give it to you. I can’t fix anything. This is the key in any kind of relationship. Plus, if you can talk to me for hours and I’m not bored, you’ve probably hooked me line and sinker.

4. Responsibility. I think this comes with a certain level of maturity. Like, own up to your faults, do what you need to do, don’t rely on me to do shit for you like a child, etc.

5. Nerdy/Geeky factor. I like my men to be knowledgeable in shit like Star Trek and science and Tron and all of that. You like The Big Bang Theory partly because you totally get the nerdy jokes in that!? You wanna buy me a Pokemon bra because it’s kinda really awesome!? LET’S DO THIS.

6. Sweetness/romanticism. I love that mushy stuff. Letters, notes, cute little goodbyes, hand-holding, little messages throughout the day to remind me you like me, offering to do something for me, etc? Sign me up, right now.

7. Similar taste in music/movies/other entertainment. No horror movies. Plenty of alternative rock. Let’s watch some FIFA.

8. Artistic. I often tend to get along with people “of my kind”. As in, artists. If you can appreciate art as much as me, we’re pretty golden.

9. Open-minded/liberal. Sorry, I try not to associate with homophobes, bible humpers, conservatives, misogynists, anti-abortionists, and the like. Don’t like it? Don’t care.

10. Healthy sexual appetite. I mean, really. It’s an integral part of a relationship.



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