More Books!

Day 10: 10 favorite novels.

Well, seeing as yesterday I mentioned that I don’t really have more than one favorite book series and I named off novels, I was planning on changing today’s to something different. But I think I might just stick to it and name some more great novels I’ve read in the past. Here goes!

1. Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn by Sarah Miller. This book is slightly confusing at first, as it literally takes place inside the mind of Gideon Rayburn (what a fantastic name!) through the viewpoint of a mysterious girl that we don’t find out the identity of until the very end of the story. But I remember reading it and thinking “I KNEW IT” when I found out.

2. The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I mean, obviously. If you haven’t read this book, you need to. That’s all I have to say.

3. Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara. I judge books by their cover, as I mentioned yesterday. I also peruse the bargain priced section at Barnes & Noble and I often times find great books (like this one and Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn!) there. This is a tale of a Japanese girl full of weird raunchy shit, tattoos, and snaked tongues. I really liked it, and it’s a short read.

4. Looking for Alaska by John Green. This is his phenomenal debut book. That’s all I’ll say. You all need to read it if you haven’t, and reread if you have.

5. Feed by M.T. Anderson. HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN THIS ONE YESTERDAY!? This is one of my absolute favorite novels ever. It takes place in the future and it’s about a generation of humans with a “feed” (device) installed into their brains that automatically delivers everything the internet does today right to their brains and eyes, like some futuristic holographic type thing. More specifically, it’s about a girl who had her feed implanted later in life and it causes her problems. It’s an amazing story.

6. 1984 by George Orwell. Hello, classic. I was reluctant to read it after I bought, but I forced myself and ended up really liking it. Just like I didn’t want to read Animal Farm in high school, but I ended up loving it.

7. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Following the negative utopia reel, I read this book during one of my high school summers as part of my reading list and I really liked it. It’s the same idea as 1984 – oppressive society segmented into harsh classes, dumbed down language (though it is expertly written, trust me) etc. It’s kind of an underrated modern classic, in my opinion. This book is also a movie, but I have yet to see it. I really want to!

8. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. I don’t know what prompted me to buy this book, but I did and it was a great choice. It starts off kind of slow mostly due to the language. It’s about a mentally retarded patient who starts taking experiment drugs and ends up being a super genius far surpassing expectations. It was a really good book.

9. Witch Child by Celia Rees. In middle school, I was really into books that took place in the “olden days”. This particular one took me a while to read only because I was so busy with classwork, but it was a pretty phenomenal read. It takes place in 1659 and it’s about this girl whose grandma is hanged in public as a witch and she then faces the same speculations. One thing I always remember when I think of this book was a part where she talks about sewing I think money into her clothes or bed sheets or something like that.

10. Queen’s Own Fool by Jane Yolen and Robert Harris. As I’ve mentioned, I adore period novels, mostly set in the Renaissance and involving the British monarchy. This one involves Elizabeth I’s cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots. It’s a fictional novel depicting the life of her court fool, Nicola. I remember being so inspired by this book that I started writing basically a fanfiction.

I Used to Be a Bigger Bookworm

Day 9: 10 favorite book series

Okay, I’m pretty sure I don’t have TEN favorite book series. In fact, I’m pretty sure I only have one, so I’m just gonna name off my favorite SINGLE books alongside. Jesus.

1. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. I mean, obviously. I don’t even need to explain this.

2. 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I’ve reread this book a few times because it’s so good. I really think it needs to be made into a movie. It’s about this girl who kills herself and there are 13 reasons why – all of them are people. It’s SO GOOD.

3. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. This is probably my favorite John Green book for several reasons: A.) It’s his first book from the viewpoint of a female! B.) It’s really wittily written. C.) It’s so fucking good I not only laughed out loud, but I cried profusely. D.) I want my own Augustus Waters goddamnit.

4. Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier. Back when Borders was still in business, I was passing by some random section and picked this book up because I liked the cover art. I started reading a some random page and noticed a Romanian word and then I found out it took place in Romania. So I bought it. Probably one of my best purchases of all time. There’s a sequel that takes place in Istanbul and its equally as spectacular. This was one of those books that I was absolutely glued to and couldn’t put it down it so good. I was so inspired by this book, in fact, that I even did some fan art.

5. Burned by Ellen Hopkins. This was the second book I ever read by Ellen Hopkins (after Crank) and it is easily my absolute favorite. It’s about a girl who moves to Arizona to live with her aunt cause her dad’s an alcoholic or something (I haven’t read it in a while) and she falls in love with this guy there and it’s amazing and sad and beautiful and I bawled my eyes out for a hefty chunk of time after I finished it. I need to re-read it.

6. The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. I read this book in middle school and it became an instant favorite. It takes place in merchant Holland during the Renaissance is about Vermeer’s famous Girl with a Pearl Earring painting. It’s a also an excellent movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth.

7. Mary, Blood Mary by Carolyn Meyer. I’ve owned this book for many years and have reread many times. It was one of my absolute favorites growing up. I’m deeply interested in the Renaissance era in England, particularly the Henry VIII through Elizabeth the First era. This book is the first in a little series that is followed by Beware, Princess Elizabeth (also a fav) and Doomed Queen Anne. It’s about Elizabeth’s older half-sister Mary, known as Bloody Mary throughout history for her slaughter of Protestants, and her trials and tribulations in her early years under the reign of her father Henry VIII. It’s really good.

8. Candide by Voltaire. The summer before my freshman year of high school, I bruised my ankle bone and couldn’t walk for like a week. So I decided out of boredom to peruse my mom’s leather-bound books and read all of Voltaire’s Candide. I found to be not only extremely easy to read, but absolutely hilarious and wonderful and I told her that she needed to read it ASAP because she hadn’t read it yet. I had to read it for AP English my senior year and analyze the life out of it, but I still find it an excellent read.

9. Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky. I’m a sucker for cool covers and romantic young adult novels. This book has both of those things. It chronicles the coming-of-sexual-age story of Dominique and her newly found boyfriend Wes. It’s a really cute story that has a bit of a surprising twist. Apparently the sex scenes in it caused some controversy, but whatever.

10. Sweethearts by Sara Zarr. I nearly forgot about this book, but again it falls under the “cool cover, romantic young adult novel” category. This book is actually a little bit more than just another romance story. In fact, there’s barely any romance in it. It’s kind of a tragic little tale that left me yearning and crying at the end. BUT IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD.

The Sims is Addicting

I’ve legit just become to distracted and engrossed in playing Sims on Facebook, that I nearly forgot I have to blog tonight.

Day 8: 10 favorite desserts

1. Lemon bars, hands down.

My lemon bars again.

2. Cherry pie.

3. Nutella


4. Tiramisu!

My first tiramisu I made.

5. Ice cream, hello.

6. Pumpkin pie.


Tortuga rum cake is the boss ass rum cake on this planet.

8. Cheesecake. Pretty much any flavor.

9. Chocolate.

10. Baklava.


Day 7: 10 favorite drinks

1. Elder tea. Not elderberry. Elder flower tea.

2. Mango lemonade. SO GOOD.

3. Seagram’s Escapes. Don’t judge me.

4. Manischewitz cherry wine.

5. Pink moscato.

6. Gin and tonic. Like an old man. Maria taught me that one.

7. Grapefruit juice. I would order it at every opportunity during my cruise in 2009.


This is the good shit.

9. On the rare occasion I drink pop, Sunkist.

10. Naked Juice Green Machine.

Contacts, Food, & PodBot

I’ve just spent the last hour and a half or more researching colored contact lenses, choosing a lens that I really liked and almost getting it, but then finding out that apparently there was a law passed in 2004 that requires websites such as Coastal to basically send a notice to my eye doctor letting them know I was getting contacts from them. The problem with this is that I have not been fitted for contacts professionally and I’m not entirely sure if I’m technically allowed to get them on my own. Anyone know the answer to that?

Anyway, Day 6: Top 10 favorite foods.

1. CHINESE. Like as a whole genre. I am always in the mood for Chinese. General Tsao’s, sesame chicken, coconut shrimp, chow lo mein, crab rangoons – whatever, I’m down for that cause 24/7.

Instagram photo of the last time I had Chinese. Don’t judge me.

2. Salata de Boeuf – A traditional Romanian vegetable salad that usually includes the following boiled and finely chopped ingredients: chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas, pickles (obviously not boiled) all mixed together with mayonnaise and decorated with red peppers, boiled eggs, and/or olives.

3. Placinte. No, not PLACENTA. Placinte are these mouth-watering delicious and not so healthy fried and stuffed breads. They’re traditionally stuffed with sauerkraut and/or potatoes, but in my house we don’t use potatoes – we use FETA CHEESE AND DILL. And they are DIVINE.

4. CHEESE. I love cheese so much. One of my goals in life is to go on a cheese expedition through Europe, tasting cheeses in various countries. There’s just everything right about cheese. Gouda, swiss, goat, sheep (SHEEP’S CHEESE IS SO DAMN GOOD) etc. Cheese caves of Spain, here I come! BTW, homemade cheese is some of the best cheese in the world. My grandma used to make “sweet cheese” with natural cow’s milk when I was little. It was some of the best stuff I’ve ever eaten.

5. Honey-mustard flavored everything. I loooove Snyder’s Honey Mustard pretzels. I also eat Utz pretzels with Meijer brand honey mustard (they have the best honey mustard) as a snack when I want to feel satisfied quickly. Seriously though, honey mustard is an amazing invention.

6. Tomato soup with grilled cheese and goldfish crackers. This is like the ultimate comfort food in my opinion. I remember in elementary school when this combo was the lunch of the day, no one ever ordered alternative lunch and the kids that usually brought their lunch would opt in to get it. I mean, it’s just so delicious. I made some bombass honey mustard chicken, fyi.

7. Lemon anything. Lemon bars, lemon cake, lemonade, lemon cheesecake, lemon tea, lemon honey, lemons. PUT THEM IN MY MOUTH.

Photo I took of lemon bars recipe I tested out a few months ago.


8. Papaya. They’re so much fun to open, clean, and cut. They’re also really fun to eat. I like when they’re just a little overripe because I can crush the chunks with my tongue.

9. Tiramisu. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have added this to my list if my dad hadn’t bought any today. But eating it reminded me just how wonderful tiramisu really is. Coffee AND cake!? YES.

Photo I took of tiramisu I made a few months ago.

10. Salata de Ciuperci (Romanian mushroom salad). This is an extremely rare delicacy in my house because it take so damn long to make cause you have to finely chop the mushrooms. But it’s basically tiny mushroom pieces mixed with like mayo, onions, dill and I’m not sure what else. I’ve only ever helped to cut the mushrooms. But I wish I could have it more often. It’s so good.

P.S. New PodBot video. It’s EDITED!