The Bucket List

Day 20: 10 things on your bucket list

1. Take a cruise around the world. They’re like over $10k and last about 144 days. Around the motherfucking world.

2. Visit the great pyramids at Giza.

3. Take a year to travel Europe.

4. Show at London/Paris/Milan (fashion).

5. Have books written about me…or my legacy.

6. Be famous for my work.

7. Donate massive amounts of money to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and organizations such as No Kid Hungry.

8. Have a house with a maze garden in the backyard and life-size chess set.

9. Publish my poetry…someday.

10. Fit into a goddamn size 6.

If you ever find an item of clothing that’s mildly damaged – example, torn at the seams, scuff mark somewhere, or anything that’s fixable – BUY IT. You will most likely get a discount for the imperfections. Today I bought a pair of pajama pants at Old Navy for half price because there was a big hole at the seam where the serger didn’t catch the fabric. SCORE.


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