Day 18: 10 favorite sports or hobbies

1. Swimming. I used to be scared of swimming, but then I convinced my parents to buy the house we’re in because it had a pool. And I taught myself how to swim.

2. Handball. I haven’t played handball in a long time, but it’s such a fun team sport.

3. Gold Rush. This is a camp game that always makes everyone I know excited. It’s super fun when I have like 200 people playing…as we did in 6th grade camp.

4. Incline walking. Okay, listen. My mom and I signed up at LA Fitness in August and I’ve quite enjoyed getting used to treadmills. I really love treadmills that have the incline feature. Today I went to 7.0 incline. It was wonderful.

5. Tennis. I love to both play and watch this sport. Not only do I enjoy the grunting that occurs during tennis, but I am a huge culprit of it. I barely notice it while I’m playing, actually. And when I do, I’m like damn – those are some atrocious sounds coming out of me! BUT THEY’RE ENTIRELY NECESSARY.

6. Archery. Another favorite play & watch sport. I haven’t done archery in a long time, but I remember being relatively good at it. I’ve also considered buying a bow & arrow and target to practice in my backyard. Don’t judge me.

7. Zumba. All I have to say is that shit is awesome.

8. Weight-lifting. Okay, listen. Going to the gym has made me understand why douchers stand in front of the mirror when they lift weights. First of all, the mirrors are there to make the gym look bigger and to help you watch your form as your lift weights. They’re also there so that douchbags can watch themselves lift 105 lbs in each hand and feel good about themselves for doing it 3 times in a row. I think I’m becoming one of these people, you guys. I kind of genuinely enjoy watching my biceps, in particular, work.

9.  Sleeping. That’s right. I’m counting this as a hobby. I love sleeping. I love dreaming. I wish I went to bed earlier and didn’t have so much shit to do so I could sleep more. That’d be fantastic.

10. Baking/cooking. This could be a sport. Sometimes I get really good exercise from baking/cooking from all the running around and cleaning I do.


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