Day 17: 10 things you wanted to be growing up

1. An artist. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I consider myself first and foremost, an artist.

2. A singer. I’m gifted with several artistic talents. Singing is one of them. I used to be really into wanting to be a singer.

3. An astronaut. Once upon a time, before I found out about the training and vaccinations astronauts had to go through, I deeply wanted to be one.

4. An astronomer. I’ve always been fascinated by astronomy and looking at the stars. I know more constellations than the average person. I still think astronomy is cool.

5. A starving artist bum in the streets of Paris. In high school, there was a period of time when I was in that classic romantic phase where all I wanted was ars gratia artis – art for art’s sake. And I wanted to do it in Paris.

6. A poet/writer. I’m also pretty well versed in comparison to a lot of people I know in my writing skills. And I like writing, in case you hadn’t noticed over the past year.

7. A fashion designer. Ambition started in 6th grade, really. And here I am, studying it.

8. A photographer. Deviantart really turned me on to photography. I remember seeing pictures and thinking I want to be that good and better. And I’m doing that.

9. A teacher. Wasn’t really a full on ambition. More of a passing thought.

10. A creative director. For a short while I was convinced I should be creative director. In a way, what I want to do is kind of the same thing.


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