Iggy – I’ma Pop 50

My best friend Maria often finds weird (and crazy) musicians on Youtube and she links me to various ridiculous videos. Recently she discovered Australian female rapper Iggy Azalea, and instead of brushing her off like I usually do, I actually took the time to watch and listen to a few songs by Iggy. And I’m in love.

First of all, Iggy is physically a rather flawless human being. She has an ass to be envied by all women, a bone structure to make models cry, and hair so long that it makes me weep for the stupid decision to chop mine off 3 years ago. Not to mention, because she’s from Australia, she has a killer accent when she speaks.

Her music on the other hand, does not match her physical aesthetics whatsoever, in my opinion. It’s surprising, gritty, amusing, and actually rather wonderful in the more unexpected of ways. My favorite of her songs thus far is Murda Bizness. Quote “I kill pride, I hurt feelin’s, click clack bang bang we in da murda bizness.” Marry me, Iggy Azalea.

Tonight I discovered her song Beat Down (video above) which is actually pretty awesome sounding. And the video is really cool too. I want her shoes at 2:00, they’re HOT. I also wish I had her amazing hair and ass and face and everything. She’s fucking gorgeous.



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