The Wonderful World of Neopets

Okay. This is what happens when I don’t know what to write about: I screen hop between Tumblr, Facebook, and WordPress, longingly staring at a blank new post page, hoping some stroke of genius will thump me in the brain and make me write something amazing and witty and thoughtful.

Instead, I inevitably go back to Tumblr, scroll some more down my feed, and hop back on here only to write that I don’t know what to discuss tonight. Yup. 

I’ve expressed this to Betsy, who’s suggestion has been “me” both times. In which case, damnit, MAYBE I WILL TALK ABOUT HER.

Let’s see. I mentioned this back in May when it happened, but we met for the first time in person this past May after like 7 or 8 years or something like that of strictly online relations. I’m convinced I met her in an AIM chatroom, but she insists that it was through my flagrant sharing of my AIM username on the Neopets forums back in the day.

Speaking of which, a few days ago she prompted me to go check out my Neopets account (YES I STILL HAVE A NEOPETS ACCOUNT. YES I STILL OCCASIONALLY PLAY IT. DON’T JUDGE ME) and I ended up spending like an hour on there updating my shop all because I was going to buy a Slorg petpet but I didn’t have enough room in my inventory for it so I had to clear it out by putting stuff in my shop and pricing it according to market value.

Illusen is my favorite Neopets faerie.

I’ve discovered that recently I don’t care how much I sell my stuff for as long as I get rid of it. Back in the day I used to be kinda snobby and would hold on to pretty items in my shop because I didn’t want people to buy them. So I would grossly overprice them. Nowadays I price things just a few neopoints above market value so that they can sell and I can make more $$$.

Also, if you have a kid, I highly recommend letting them have a Neopets account. Even when I was younger and far more into it than I am now, I understood that Neopets is a great site to help kids understand real-world finance skills. It teaches you competitive business skills via the shops feature, as well as how to handle stocks, how to take care of a pet, and so many other real-world skills. I always thought that schools should use it as an educational tool in like math classes or something.



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