À Deriva

Tonight I started watching Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring because our internet was being lame and I didn’t feel like resetting it – until I was half an hour in and I was like damnit, I want to watch stuff on Netflix. So I fixed it, and then I watched Adrift, a Brasilian movie about a girl who finds out about father’s infidelities while also finding her own sexuality. Although in my opinion, the latter was not very pronounced in the movie.

It featured Camilla Belle as “the other woman” and Vincent Cassel as the father – who by the way, totally played the Duc d’Anjou in Elizabeth. He was also in Black Swan, but I haven’t seen that movie, yet.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie. It was one of those cool cinematic foreign films. Kinda more about art than Hollywood type of deal, you know? And it was all in Portuguese – which, by the way, I had never really heard for a prolonged period of time. My mom has told me that it’s a weird language, but I just imagined it as more of a weird Spanish. It’s like a cut short Spanish mixed with French. It blows my mind. I understood a word or two every now and then.

And now I’m watching Dawson’s Creek, which I have neglected since I started watching Mad Men. I’m still waiting for season 5 of Mad Men to come on Netflix.

Lastly, I bought more underwear. And I felt really guilty because I’ve realized that I’ve come to a point of owning so much underwear, that buying more feels like I’m throwing my money away. But I guess on the bright side, in case of some kind of apocalypse, I will be set when it comes to protective genital coverings. Besides, I got 8 for $26 (free panty coupon!) really cute pairs.


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