The Calm Before the Storm

Instead of doing what I probably should’ve done – homework…or rather, just sewing – I spent today relaxing, dying my hair, and setting up an appointment to do a window display for Paris in Royal Oak.

I dyed my hair with Garnier Fructisse Ultra-Color B2 again and found that this time, the color turned out the way it was supposed to – coppery, gingery brown. I though perhaps it might seem this way also because my hair hasn’t been blood red in a while, but I’m not sure. Maybe the dye I had last time was old or close to expiring? I kind of miss of my highlights, though. They got mostly covered up.

Anyway, I rented The Artist from Amazon tonight and watched it with my mom. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was decently good. I thought it did a good job of staying true to silent movies and the costuming was really good as well. The plot wasn’t that spectacular, but it wasn’t excessively boring or anything. I’d give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I’ve decided Jean Dujardin is a sexy, sexy man.

Saturday Spoils

Sometimes I’m in awe of myself for spending more time after work in my place of work to shop. You’d think I’d want to high tail it out of there (98% of the time, I do) but the past 2 weeks, I’ve spent at least an extra hour in the store shopping.

On the bright side, today I left with a fabulous coral-pink Guess rain jacket, DKNY peasant top blouse, and New York and Company 100% silk top (that was only $3.99!!!) all with an extra 25% off, so I saved quite a nice chunk of money. I’m really excited about the jacket in particular, because although it’s slightly tight and squashes my boobs, it looks fabulous on me. I can’t wait to wear it.

I also picked up hair dye and medication (fuck colds) at Target and spent about an hour and half talking to my friend who works security there. We decided we’re going to go to the gym together one of these days. I’m pretty excited. I think it’s more exciting than it probably should be because he’s finally got enough self esteem to be able to agree with getting half naked in a pool with a friend and some strangers. So that’s nice.

And now, I must muster the energy and excitement I had when I first got online today to edit those damn photos already. Life.

Oh, P.S. At checkout today at work, my cousin was my cashier and it was rather awkward. After some awkward moments, she kind of BURST out saying “Do you know what I am?” and I was like “Yeah.” and then she started talking to me in Romanian as if she hadn’t ignored my existence for the past 363 days and gave me a coupon to use after our 25% off goes away. I was like, ooookay….I don’t know what to make of this…

Elder Tea = Love

Tonight my mom and I went specialty grocery shopping and I was beyond ecstatic to find that a local store that carries Eastern European and Middle Eastern imports finally had Elder tea back in stock! I bought 4 boxes to be sure I have it for a good amount of time.

If you’re wondering why I’m so excited about it, I’ll tell you: Elder is THE SHIT for colds, especially for when you have a cough. It’s very hard to come by in America for some reason. I find Echinacea all over the place, and Elderberry syrup, but just Elder tea? Nope. It’s kind of hard to find on the internet too, although I did find some at some Russian shop, but with shipping and everything, it would’ve cost me $40 ($30 minimum purchase). I got mine for $1.49 a box.

In other news, I also entered a sweepstakes to win a trip to London for  Destination Star Trek London. It would be pretty amazing if I won. I mean, London AND Star Trek? Yes please! And from what I gather, all 5 of the captains from the various series will be there. Patrick Stewart *swoons*.


I’ve been in pain from this damn wisdom tooth all day long. Except for the hour and a half I was at the gym. I have absolutely no idea why, but while I was swimming and in the jacuzzi, all the pain just disappeared. And then of course it came back when I got home.

And now I’m laying here sniffling and feeling irritated in my throat due to this cold/sickness that I apparently also have. I can’t wait until Tuesday’s dentist appointment. Ugh!

That is all.

Wisdom Teeth Suck

My wisdom teeth have been coming in for the past 3 years. It was a rather uncomfortable feeling when they first broke skin 3 years ago – like teething as a small child again. Every now and then, my body will release hormones and push them through more (they’re fully through now) and I get that teething feeling again.

Yesterday, this started to happen and it has continued into today. It feels like it’s gone beyond teething into like HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE PAIN and it’s because my top right wisdom tooth is coming in crooked. Fortunately, one of my friends gave me some Aleve which works wonders and has really calmed down the pain a lot.

*Sigh* I know I should get them out, but the thought terrifies me. Even though I know they can completely knock me out. I’ve mentioned it before, but medical anything freaks me out. I mean, at least it’s not eyeball surgery…but it’s still surgery. In my mouth. And especially for my bottom ones? They’re impacted. I don’t know what they have to do, but I feel like it consists of breaking things open to get them out. That’s scary.

I just really hope tomorrow this teething thing goes away. It’s like a really annoying pain. And I can’t open my mouth very wide cause it hurts so eating is really awkward. And I think I might also be getting a cold. WAH, LIFE.