A Relaxing Tuesday

Today I had a dentist appointment in which I got my teeth cleaned (YAAAY!) and my wisdom teeth checked out. I got a referral like I wanted for an oral surgeon to have them removed and I think I will be doing that coming next break.

I took the rest of the day off from work and paid my aunt a visit. We sat and talked about things from traveling to Mormonism and she gave me huge bags of tomatoes, peppers, parsley, and green beans. And she cut 4 roses for me to take home. And of course, I got to see her lovely cat Puffy and snap a few pictures of him.

He is just too damn cute.

I came home afterward and finished my Global Economics paper and then I edited photos and scheduled posts over on Vivography. It was a pretty productive day!

I also baked coconut-almond cake and took photos of it which I still have to edit and make into a post. So stay tuned!


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