Wisdom Teeth Suck

My wisdom teeth have been coming in for the past 3 years. It was a rather uncomfortable feeling when they first broke skin 3 years ago – like teething as a small child again. Every now and then, my body will release hormones and push them through more (they’re fully through now) and I get that teething feeling again.

Yesterday, this started to happen and it has continued into today. It feels like it’s gone beyond teething into like HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE PAIN and it’s because my top right wisdom tooth is coming in crooked. Fortunately, one of my friends gave me some Aleve which works wonders and has really calmed down the pain a lot.

*Sigh* I know I should get them out, but the thought terrifies me. Even though I know they can completely knock me out. I’ve mentioned it before, but medical anything freaks me out. I mean, at least it’s not eyeball surgery…but it’s still surgery. In my mouth. And especially for my bottom ones? They’re impacted. I don’t know what they have to do, but I feel like it consists of breaking things open to get them out. That’s scary.

I just really hope tomorrow this teething thing goes away. It’s like a really annoying pain. And I can’t open my mouth very wide cause it hurts so eating is really awkward. And I think I might also be getting a cold. WAH, LIFE.



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