Nettles, Elderflowers, Russia.

So I’ve been to the gym twice since I signed up on Friday, and I must say that I really enjoy being able to swim real laps. I don’t really enjoy having to share a lane sometimes, but that’s not a big issue. However, this reminds me: when I first got in the pool today, I shared a lane with a mother-daughter duo who had THE WORST B.O. ever. They weren’t swimming, just standing in the middle talking. And everytime I’d pass them above water, I wondered to myself it it was them or the arena that smelled so bad. It was them. The smell even lingered after they left. That’s how nasty it was.

I also ran into my ex-friend’s mom and she pulled me into the sauna where we talked about her daughter (my ex-friend) and her poor life choices, while I sat there not entirely sure if was sweating or just wet from the pool. Probably a mixture of both. It was nice to see her mom. I love that woman – she’s so interesting. She’s held so many jobs in her life, the wildest and more interesting of which IMO, was SHRIMP SNIFFING. Yup, you read that right. SHRIMP. SNIFFING. She sniffed shrimp to make sure they were fresh. I told her she could’ve been a wet nose.

I also ordered nettle shampoo and burdock oil with nettle for my hair. After talking to my mom about my hair shedding, she suggested I try nettle tea. She told me she used to use nettle shampoo in Romania and it made her hair really bouncy and soft and healthy, so I looked it up and found several brands on Amazon and ordered one from Russia. Amazon also suggested the burdock oil with nettle in it afterward, and after consulting my mom, I ordered that too – also from Russia. She reckons it’s probably gonna be really damn good.

Burdock oil with nettle oil I ordered for my hair.

I’m pretty excited actually. I always get really excited about new shampoo/body wash/other related bath essentials. I don’t know why. Like when I get new lotion, even though I’ll still have lotion left in my old lotion, I get really impatient and start to use the new stuff.

Side note, the photo I have above is from this website, of which I’ve spent the last half hour browsing and found elderflowers on and planned on buying some but apparently I have to have at least $30 of stuff in my cart in order to place an order. SIGH. All I want is some damn elderflowers!



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