Ursul Pacalit de Vulpe si Alte Povesti

Saw this on Tumblr just now.

Brought me back to nights when I was a wee kiddie and my mom would read me the most wonderful Romanian folk tales. Ursul Pacalit de Vulpe (The Bear Tricked by the Fox) was one of my favorites. Although I really enjoyed Sarea In Bucate (The Salt in Your Food) and Povestea Porcului (The Pig’s Story). None of these stories are anything like you might imagine they might be from their titles.

Sarea In Bucate is about a princess who is exiled from her kingdom by her father because she told him she loves him like the salt in her food. Povestea Porcului is about an old couple who want a child and they end up with a pig who is actually a prince. Obviously both of these stories have more to them then these short synopsis’s, but that’s how they start off. And they’re fantastical.

If I ever have children, they will be subject to the wonderful world of Romanian folk tales.




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