On my drive home from grocery shopping today, I was listening to our local classical music station, and they were playing the song Bolero by Ravel. I couldn’t remember what it was called at first, so I SoundHounded it. Anyway, every time I hear this song I’m reminded of my first year of marching band: 2006, sophomore year. Our show that year was Mouse Trap. The Color Guard were mice. I was a blue one.

I can’t adequately remember if Bolero was part of our show, actually. But I feel like a portion of it might have been our ballad? Maybe? I mean, I’m literally always reminded of our Mouse Trap show when I hear it. And I love this song. It’s so beautiful.

Not to mention, in the particular video I have up there – I love the gorgeous formal dresses of the female violinists. That’s one thing I’ve always envied of musicians. When they’re famous or they play in big like, televised or even non-televised orchestras, they always get to dress beautifully. I’ve always been drawn to that aspect of it.

Also I’ve always wanted to be able to play the violin because I think it’s a beautiful instrument. But even though I know how to read notes, for the most part, reading music pisses me off.


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