Top 10 Reasons Why Upper-Level Fashion Classes Suck


2. You’re pretty sure there’s literally not enough time to do all of it.

3. Because they’re upper-level, you’re expected to:
a. Be more creative.
 b. Do “professional” looking work on things like half scales, but you really don’t want to because they’re FUCKING HALF SCALES.
c. Do tech packs for err’thang.

4. You might get tutoring requests sent your way. Even if you’re not a tutor. Maybe.

5. If you excel at shit, you might be asked to HELP YOUR CLASSMATES IN ILLUSTRATOR AND GERBER and then want to shoot yourself in the fucking face. Repeatedly.

I have no fucking clue how I made that.

6. You’re expected to know advanced techniques. But let’s face it, you don’t remember a lot of the shit you learned in Pattern Drafting I. Mitered hem? Lol. 

7. But you might find your binder from that class or other beginner’s classes and you will feel like the angels have just hurtled wondrous, like Jesus ambrosia at you and all you want to do is go back in time and give your freshman self the biggest hug and kiss you can because you were so organized and froshy back then.

8. TECH. PACKS. And flats.


10. You officially have the incurable disease of SENIORITIS.


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