Surprises, Surprises

One of my favorite websites to visit when I’m bored or have time to kill is designboom. It’s basically a website that showcases up and coming innovative design (interior, exterior, tech, etc), art, technology, competitions and other related areas – both designers/artists and their work.

Anyway, while perusing the website tonight I read some snippet about an artist. Something along the lines of “So&So talks about their inspiration based off places they’ve lived in Europe” and I thought to myself you know, there are SO many artists out there, the majority of them trying to get some kind of recognition. What does it take to get that recognition? What makes one person stand out like that? What makes their art so innovative or interesting?

That’s the thing about art. One person’s cup of tea is not everyone’s. So I always find it interesting when things that I consider shitty or like “a kindergardener could’ve done that” get recognition. But at the same time, whenever I think of the latter, especially more in the context of “I could’ve done that,” a little voice pops in my head that says “Yeah, but you didn’t.” And I think that’s the difference.

Project Runway Unconventional Challenge, Season 9, Episode 2

Also, I’m watching last week’s Project Runway episode, which is the unconventional challenge and they’re using candy this season. I’m excited about this because it reminds me that in my fashion design 3 class this term, we will be doing this at the end. I’ve really wanted to try unconventional design for a long time. Can’t wait!

OH, and today I found out the gym my mom signed us up for on Monday closed down today! For good! She didn’t even get to try it out yet. I went to check for myself after school and there was a rather attractive guy from a different gym who let me know that yes, it was closed down, and he had fliers for his gym with nice incentives to get over there. Anyway, he said not even the employees knew the gym was closing down. Crazy!




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