Today was a wonderful, well-deserved indulge-in-food, and forget about time kind of day. After class was over, my mom and I picked up my aunt and we headed to Yates Cider Mill, which is a local “famous” cider mill in the Metro Detroit area. They’re actually a registered historical site.

We bought a lot of stuff when we first got there, and I thought to myself, wow, that was quick and thought we were going to leave after. But then we spent a good hour walking down the trail next to the river they have there. My aunt picked nettles and I spent that time taking pictures of nature because Yates is a perfect place to find all kinds of great wild weeds and flowers and leaves and berries.

We bought fudge after that little excursion, and then fed the two goats that were in the goat pen and gave them water, after which they were totally pooped out and they chilled on the ground the rest of the time we were there.

I had hot cider while I was there even though it was 96 degrees outside. It was good for my cold.

We also stopped by a local farmer’s tent across the street and I bought a yellow watermelon and peaches cause they smelled a-mazingly. I just couldn’t leave them there. And then we had dinner at 2Booli and shopped at Nordstrom Rack after.

All in all, it was a really great day. My feet hurt sufficiently enough for me to know that I got good exercise today (and really dirty legs!) and that I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

P.S. My Justin Bieber singing toothbrush arrived in the mail today. But the batteries are dead. :(

It’s A Sketch, Get Over It.

In the past few years, I’ve had a tendency to be a distracted worker. Especially when I’m doing things on the computer. The internet is right there! Anyway, in the middle of photo editing, I came across this article, asking whether Minnie Mouse was too skinny in these new sketches for Barney’s New York.

And at first I was like yeah, she’s looking rather skinny. But then I realized, wait a hot fucking minute. This is a fashion sketch. Fashion sketches are supposed to look abnormal and stylized and skinny and really tall. In which case, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Minnie being all stretched out.

But I get where these people are coming from. The media is a wild monster, and whether or not someone is too skinny or too fat is something they often like to focus on. But let’s be real here – Minnie Mouse is a cartoon. A cartoon that I don’t think many kids watch anymore anyway. I’m pretty sure Minnie went out of style faster than Barbie did, so like, why the fuck does it matter? Like when has Minnie ever been a “role model” for kids? Like, really, people? Really?

Moral of the story is that this shit is irrelevant because these are stylized fashion sketches and Minnie isn’t that important anyway. Get over it, move on, do things that matter.

P.S. Daisy looks trés chic, IMO.


I have this picture I developed of a sort of friend from 2 years ago that I gave him but he gave back to me because he said he didn’t know what to do with pictures of himself, and it’s sitting at the bottom of one of my school totes. Every time I’ve seen it recently, I have come to the conclusion that I must make it into a PostSecret and mail it in.

This is actually a conclusion I’ve come to many times, and not just about pictures I own. Every so often, I catch pictures on Tumblr that look like they might be PostSecrets but they’re not, and I’m inspired to make PostSecrets and send them in. I’ve done it maybe once or twice. I think both times when I sent them off it was raining.

But I think everyone should make a PostSecret at least once in their lives. And send them to Frank. There are 3 parts to the fun of PostSecrets:

1. Making them.
2. Sending them.
3. Waiting to see if they’ll ever be posted on the site of published in the books. (Or taken on tour at the PostSecret events, if you attend one.)

Also, fun fact, did you know the music video for the All-American Rejects song Dirty Little Secret features real PostSecrets? You’re welcome.

And while I’m at it, I’ll throw in a complaint. I love PostSecret with all my heart. My friend Betsy introduced me to the site years ago and I’ve stayed loyal and checked it every Sunday. But it seems to both of us (and quite some other people as well) that the secrets have recently lacked the luster and charm they used to once have. I’m not sure why. But they just don’t seem as “good” as they used to be a couple years ago.

But oh well. I still check them every Sunday.

A Relaxing Tuesday

Today I had a dentist appointment in which I got my teeth cleaned (YAAAY!) and my wisdom teeth checked out. I got a referral like I wanted for an oral surgeon to have them removed and I think I will be doing that coming next break.

I took the rest of the day off from work and paid my aunt a visit. We sat and talked about things from traveling to Mormonism and she gave me huge bags of tomatoes, peppers, parsley, and green beans. And she cut 4 roses for me to take home. And of course, I got to see her lovely cat Puffy and snap a few pictures of him.

He is just too damn cute.

I came home afterward and finished my Global Economics paper and then I edited photos and scheduled posts over on Vivography. It was a pretty productive day!

I also baked coconut-almond cake and took photos of it which I still have to edit and make into a post. So stay tuned!

Badassery: Neil Armstrong

So this weekend, Neil Armstrong died and I was actually quite sad. I mean, he’s the first man to have walked on the moon. And now he’s not alive. That’s sad.

But! One of my favorite people in the world, Hank Green, make an excellent video about how badass Neil Armstrong was (and he really, really was) and I think you should all watch this while I go and type a paper on the U.S.’s and Canada’s monetary policies.

K, bye.