Olympic Thoughts

I was browsing my Facebook feed when I saw that swimmer Dara Torres had written an article for USA Today, talking about how weird it is to be at the Olympics and not be competing. Previous to that, I had seen a photo of her at the Olympic Village in London talking to the press and I thought to myself “WOW she’s competing again this year? That’s fucking awesome.” Clearly I was disappointed to find she is not.

I’m also disappointed to have found out that I will be working tomorrow when NBC airs the opening ceremony. Luckily though, I know that the opening ceremony is like, HOURS long, so I’ll only miss the first 2 and a half. However, I’ve also realized that this year sucks harder not just because of work, but because of school as well. I will be cooped up the majority of the Olympics, and will not be able to enjoy them live. Not that stupid fucking NBC like ever shows anything Olympic live anyway. I bet they wouldn’t even do it if it was in America.

But still – I always look forward to the Olympics. My first memorable ones were Sydney 2000. I had just gotten a TV in my room and I don’t remember if I was sick or something, but I remember being in bed and my dad taking care of me…or maybe just bringing me breakfast, and I was watching them. It was thrilling. That’s when I first really understood and grasped the concept of the Olympics.

And then the Olympics in Athens in 2004 were quite exciting as well. I remember that year I took it upon myself to chronicle the achievements of all the Romanian athletes on a piece of paper I’d torn out from my diary. I had that paper for a few years afterwards, for posterity’s sake. I also remember that was the year Michael Phelps started to get attention. I don’t remember his achievements in 2004, but I know the buzz started.

And then the 2008 Olympics in Beijing were certainly memorable. Not only did Michael Phelps pretty much make his name unforgettable with 8 gold medals, but the wunderkid that is Usain Bolt did too. That man shattered records. I’ll never forget watching him run faster than my poor legs will ever hope to carry me and everyone’s minds being blown in those 9.69 seconds of that 100 meter dash.

I remember in 2009 when I went to Jamaica, I rode this like…air-carriage thing and got off at a little stop that had shops and almost like an outdoor museum with interesting facts about Jamaica. One of the pillars was about various famous Jamaican athletes. Asafa Powell had one side of a pillar to himself. But in an empty space on it, there was a golden plaque that mentioned that Usain Bolt had broken his records and he was no longer the fastest man in the world. I should’ve taken a picture of it, it was kind of hilarious.

Anyway, I really hope I’ll find time somewhere in my busy schedule to watch the Olympics. Cause I love that shit.

The Exhilarating Feeling of Fitting Into American Eagle Jeans

I have a love/hate relationship with American Eagle. I’ve only ever bought anything from AE three times in the last decade, and one of those times was a present for a friend. In middle school and high school, AE allured me simply because the “popular” kids wore it. All the fucking time. I’m not saying I wanted to be one of them though – on the contrary, I took measures to make sure I wasn’t like them, clothing choices included.

Yet, AE still has this allure of like, being “cool” or something. Admittedly, it’s kind of douchebaggy – but not as douchebaggy as Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch. Anyway, it’s been a long and silly dream of mine to one day be able to fit my ass into a pair of AE jeans. In high school, I remember walking down the halls getting to classes or my locker and staring at everyone’s butts, ticking off in my head who was wearing what brand of jeans by the butt pocket design. I was that skilled, yes, thank you. AE and Hollister, once it became more popular, were among the top along with Levi’s.

Today, after much mental battle and self-coercion, I went to Lakeside Mall after not going there for about 3 years, and American Eagle was one of my last stops. I somehow ended up at their website last night and saw that they were having a nice clearance sale, so I wanted to stop in and see what they had in person and try shit on. I quite luckily found some 16 and 18 jeans in their clearance and tried them on. The first pair I tried on were 16 and THEY FIT ME LIKE A GODDAMN GLOVE. I literally jumped up and down in the fitting room because I was so excited and did a little “FUCK YEAH YOU’RE COMING HOME WITH ME” dance.

I also got that tank and hoodie today, at PacSun. Clearance!

I’m still excited about them. They’re 16s! I can’t wait to fit into 14s. Progress!
I also somehow felt less judged in American Eagle than I did in PacSun at Lakeside. WEIRD.

A Series of Stops and Starts

Sometimes I sit in front of my laptop for a few minutes trying to think of what to write about and ultimately end up writing about what I did that today. I just came out of a little trance like that in which my final thought was “life is a series of stops of and starts.

I can’t remember if I’ve written about this philosophy before, but it’s one that I’ve held for a long time. I most often think of it while I’m driving, because driving is the perfect example of it. I avoid taking the freeways, so I encounter stoplights and stop signs all the time. Driving is a series of stops and starts. In comparison, life is too.

We go from being wee little kids, starting and stopping years of school, knowing and unknowing friends, to continuing that cycle as we get older. As I’m coming up on my last year of college, I can hear the low screech of my education stopping, and the “real world” on the brink of starting. It’s going to be another chapter of discarding “friends” who were probably not really friends to begin with, to encountering and acquainting new friends. It’s like cutting strings and tying knots to new ones.

That’s just my two cents of wisdom for the day.

I went up to school to fix the atrocious saggy boob situation that was happening on our gray dress with Alyza. Now all I have to do is iron everything tomorrow. We had lunch with Alyza’s manfriend Ross at 2Booli afterwards and I had the most delicious dish I’ve tried there: Mjadara.

It’s a vegetarian dish consisting of lentils and rice topped with cooked onions (SO GOOD) and decorated with tomatoes, lemon wedges, and pickled turnip. Also served with a side of plain yogurt. It was really good. I have leftovers that I will be eating for dinner. I need to learn to cook this meal.

Deal of the Day: Calypso St. Barth

I don’t know how I’ve done it, but I’ve managed to get out of the house and shop every single day of break so far. Yesterday was by necessity due to me breaking Amadeus’s fishbowl. Today I decided that a blouse I’d found at Plato’s Closet last week was meant to be mine, so with the intent of finding it again and buying it, I headed out.

I was sorely disappointed that it had been snatched up by someone else and I mentally kicked myself repeatedly for not getting it last week, BUT I still scored. I found a beautiful 100% silk scarf by Calypso St. Barth for Target (last summer’s cooperative designers) for $3. THREE DOLLARS. I mentally peed my pants a little. One of my favorite things about thrifting is that often I’ll find items that are underpriced because the brands aren’t recognized (but they’ll be brands from like Nordstrom and such) and I get the best fucking deals due to the ignorance. I high five myself every time.

Me, looking like Santa Maria or something, in this gorgeous as fuck scarf.

While I’m still on the subject, I would like to mention that I love Calypso St. Barth. If I could do my internship with them, I would in a heartbeat. I think they’re a wonderfully focused company with an amazing aesthetic and absolutely stunning clothes. If I were a real rich kid, I’d shop them all the time. Seriously. Err’day. (P.S. They’re having 40% off final sale right now!) ALSO, I would love to get into dying and making and selling my own scarves. I need bolts of silk.

I also swam for about 3 hours today. I got out after about an hour or so and was going to go shower and get on with my day, but then I convinced myself (with a push from my mom) that days in the upper 90s like this one will not be seen very often in the coming weeks, I don’t think. So I enjoyed the pure, cloudless blue sky and unobstructed sun for another 2 hours. It was glorious. I think I might’ve gotten tanner, which has been my plan all along.

I half hope that next summer I won’t have a job that requires me to be cooped up inside all day, because nothing sucks bigger donkey dicks than being pale as hell during summer. Tans confirm that you’ve had a good summer. I’ll never let that idea go, no matter who or what tries to tell me otherwise. Fuck sunscreen. That is all.

Vegetable Sunday

Some days all I want to do is sit around and be a vegetable. Today was somewhat like that. I broke one of my betas’ tanks and had to go replace it. He is very happy in his much larger home now. He’s been swimming around like he’s in the ocean or something.

Anyway, it’s time to indulge in some foreign movies on Netflix. Tata!