Shinedown: Amaryllis

So, the other day a little after midnight, I hopped on Youtube and saw that Shinedown had posted a video about their new album, Amaryllis, being only $0.99 on Amazon for the previous day which had ended a few minutes earlier. Somehow, luckily, that hadn’t changed, and so, for the first time in my life, I guess you could say I joined the new age of music: I paid $0.99 (fuck yeah) for a digital copy of an entire album. I still feel a little naked and dirty not having the physical copy, and it still bothers me. But hey, I got this shit for NINETY-NINE FUCKING CENTS. I mean, it was almost free.

And now I guess you want to know about their album, right? No? Too bad, I’m gonna share my opinion anyway:


I’ve never downloaded/bought any other full Shinedown albums. However, I know their music style as I’ve heard a good handful of songs from previous albums, and I can happily report this album is in sync with their “sound aesthetic“. It follows the familiar chords one expects to hear from Shinedown. It’s metallic, it’s browny, and it feels like a fulfilling…sphere, in my mouth. (Synesthesia)

My personal favorite song on the album is the same as the album title: Amaryllis. There’s just something so sweet and kindred about this song. It’s rosy and soulful and it tugs at my heartstrings. Also, Brent Smith’s enunciation of the lyrics is eargasmic.

So do I remind you of
Someone you never met
A lonely silhouette
And do I remind you of
Somewhere you wanna be
So far out of reach
Oh, I wish you’d open up for me
‘Cause I wanna know you

It just feels so nice on my tongue. The melody is absolutely beautiful as well. It reminds me of their songs If You Only Knew, and The Crow & the Butterfly (one of the favorites, makes me cry almost every time). I highly recommend getting your hands on this album if you’re a fan of Shinedown and you haven’t yet, or even alternative rock. And if not, then enjoy this lyric video of Amaryllis.

P.S. Brent Smith is totally on my list of ‘people I would fuck’ given the chance. I don’t even know why he’s so hot, but he is. Maybe it’s that eyeshadow, or that hair, or those goddamn muscles built on that stature. Whatever it is, I wish it were mine.

P.P.S. Their bass guitarist, Eric Bass, is also attractive, IMO. In particular in their video for If You Only Knew. There’s a few shots of him in there that make panties drop. It’s the hair. 



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