The Scent of Green Papaya

There’s something about waking up (and definitely falling asleep) to the sounds of rain. I love summer rain. While it may obscure the sun and lay me off tanning and swimming for a day or two, it’s usually always pleasant, followed by the soothing sounds of birds and crickets chirping. And for some reason, I never see worms in the summer after it rains. I like that.

I went to Meijer today as my ‘get out the house‘ adventure and bought gin and tonic. I would first like to mention that I think I’ll always associate gin and tonic with Philly, dreary rainy days, and my best friend telling me it’s an old man’s drink. And also probably the imaginary speakeasies and saloons filled with old men and cigars that I imagine when I think of old men drinking gin and tonic. I made my mom a drink too and I think I got her a little tipsy, it was amusing.

Lastly, I watched a movie on Netflix today called The Scent of Green Papaya, which, by the way, has the most wonderful ring to it when you say it out loud or in your head. Go ahead, say it. It’ll roll off your tongue spectacularly. Anyway, it looked interesting because firstly, it was a foreign film and I adore me them foreign movies. Secondly, the description mentioned it was Oscar-nominated, and thirdly, it mildly reminded me of Memoirs of A Geisha (before I watched it) which I adore, so I had to watch it. It turned out pretty good. It was one of those movies, kind of like Marie Antoinette, that was more cinematic and artsy than blockbustery. And by that I mean there was very little dialogue and a heavy emphasis on the art of filmography. I honestly have no idea what the point of the movie was, because as far as I’m concerned, there was none. But it didn’t drag on and it was pretty easy to watch. If you like movies with attention to detail, watch it.

Oh, and P.S. I updated Vivography today!

P.P.S. I wore a scarf around my head today while I was out and I really like the look. I think I might start doing it more often when I don’t want to fix my hair.



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