I Miss High School Summers.

Okay, before I forget, I took pictures in that vintage 70s dress today. AND I wore it out. But only to Barnes and Noble cause it was 100 fucking degrees and despite the ethereal breeziness one experiences in this wonderful dress, it was too damn hot and too late to go any where else (I had my mom’s car) even though I kind of wanted to go to Somerset.

Yes, this is an Instagram photo.

It’s miraculously cooled down to 83 degrees out there, but that’s still too hot, and I’m sure, humid, to crack a window and feel the breeze. It was nice and windy today though. I was pretty excited for the first couple hours of the day that it was so hot. I went swimming, stayed out in the sun, hopefully got a little tanner. I thought about exercising, like walk/running around the block, but decided I’d rather not pass out in the heat.

Today was not a very productive day. I suppose in the realm of my thoughts it was, but not physically. I feel like time is speeding up and we’re hurtling to some great unknown. It feels like just a few minutes ago I was sitting in this same pretzel-style position, thinking the same thought of “wow, time is a’flyin’ and here I am writing and thinking this same thing!” and it makes me a little sick to think that tomorrow will be Wednesday and the middle of week 1 of break. In the blink of an eye I’ll be back at school, stressing out about classes, internships, and what my future holds.

I think this break I should make it a goal to not think (too much or too often) about any of that. I desperately need to just enjoy myself and be a vegetable and do what I want to do, not what I have to do. I did a pretty good job of that today, honestly. I spent 3 hours watching Mad Men (SO GOOD; WTF END OF SEASON 3, WTF?) and felt completely guilt free about it! No deadlines to meet, no assignments due.

Summers are what I miss most about K-12 school. Besides seeing my friends every day and that whole era of naive thinking and whatnot. I desperately miss having no responsibilities (except maybe sweeping the kitchen floor), going to bed at 4 AM and waking up at the crack of noon, and having about 2 and a half months of solid me time. Time to read books, swim, complain about being bored (but simultaneously reminding myself it’s better than waking up at 6 AM) watch tv. All that leisure stuff. It’s a life of luxury! I wish I could have more of it.

I need to start meditating.


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