Narcissism and Alcohols!


But that glorious feeling is short-lived, as I still have some tidbits to finish up on the fashion show garments. Sigh. On the bright side though, I got to happily turn off my alarms AND AND AND get THIS: I ACTUALLY HAD TIME TO TAKE NARCISSISTIC PICTURES OF MYSELF. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I DO WHEN I HAVE FREE TIME.

Here is one of my favorites, and the only one I got around to editing, as well as a preview for the next Vivography post. :D

I must say when I saw this one in the set, it really jumped out at me. I like the focus and lighting on my face, and the motion blurriness of my hair. At the same time though, I wish I had a better camera/shutter speed so I could capture movement better. BUT, I think it turned out pretty great.

I’m having a celebratory Seagram’s Escapes Mango drink at the moment. For a second while I was writing that I thought “ooo, I shouldn’t say that” but then I remembered I’M 21 NOW MUAHAHHAA. I can do what I damn well please. Speaking of which, on my birthday, Maria and I went to what I call “THE alcohol store” aka Champane’s Wine Cellars where I bought the Zombie Killer wine and some other alcohols.

But that’s not the point. The point is that previously I had bought Seagrams’ at Hollywood Market as my first alcoholic purchase. At Champane’s when I showed my clipped under 21 driver’s license (I still haven’t received my new one yet), my checkout lady had a debate with another worker about whether she should sell me alcohol or not on my birthday. The other lady said she didn’t know if you could purchase alcohol on your birthday which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s my birthday. I’m legally 21. That means I’m legally allowed to purchase alcohol to my heart’s content. They finally decided (hesitantly, BTW) that I was allowed. If they would have declined, I would have thrown a fit. Seriously.

Anyway, it’s time to waste time on Tumblr and whatnots.



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