Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever felt so apathetic about my birthday. Especially not one as important as the day I’m legally allowed to start drinking and buying the alcohols.

It’s actually kind of annoying. Back when this term started, I had imagined that this last week would be glorious and sunshiney and everything would be perfect and I’d bake cupcakes tonight to give out tomorrow and rainbows would shoot out my ass. That is nothing like what’s happening. I have this gray cloud of worry and anxiety about finals, the fashion show, and birthday plans.

First of all, I have this fear that I won’t get my Gerber final finished in time and properly. That’s really all that I have left to do, at least as a large chunk, for my finals. But it feels like so much more. I also have little nitpicky things I have to finish for my other classes.

Secondly, the fashion show is stressful within itself ON TOP of school work. Not to mention the whole ticket sale dilemma. Our student standing tickets JUST arrived today. Normally they should be almost sold out by now. That and apparently we’re not selling the seating and VIP seating tickets at school. I was under the impression we were, so that created some drama in my life that needn’t have existed.

Lastly, my birthday plans for this year are driving me crazy. My friends keep telling me that I have to go out and drink at a bar or something like that because it’s my 21st birthday. While I agree with that and it sounds like fun, there are a million other things going that are making me insane. I’ve had inquiries about what I’m doing tomorrow as well as whether I’m still having a birthday party this Saturday.

I set up a Facebook event for my party but everyone who’s actually going to be in the state said “maybe” and everyone (minus Krista) who isn’t said yes. So current attendees are a grand total of me, the host. I’ve been tempted to delete it from the minute I made it. Maybe I should make it an end of term bowling/bday celebration event or something.  I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

I just can’t wait for this week to be over with already. I look forward to a peaceful sleeping in Sunday.



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