It’s July!

So, I’ve officially completed another 30 day challenge (letters!) and am frankly relieved to have finished it up. I wrote a list of 30 people/places/things to write letters to in the beginning of the month, and only stuck to about 50%. I ended up adding more to the list and skipping out on some of the options. Overall, I think it went well, but it was kind of exhausting.

And now, for a round up of what you missed while I was writing letters but is probably insignificant to your life anyway:

1. I have nearly finished my portion of the fashion show garments with my comrade Alyza! Jury show is next week!
2.  I tried to change my hair color but it turned into an oopsie, (actually I posted a picture in my letter to Garnier) but then it was okay cause I got it fixed. Ta da, I’m a ginger!

3. My beta fish Picasso died, so I bought a new one and named him Lavender. He’s kind of pretentious, but I love him.

4. I’ve officially crossed the 20 lbs lost mark since starting Weight Watchers!
5. My best friend’s coming to town to visit and party it up with me on my 21st birthday!
6. I bought myself an excellent gift to myself for my birthday and you can read all about it over on Vivography.
7. I finished seasons 1 & 2 of Mad Men on Netflix. Have I mentioned in EXTREMELY ENAMORED with this show?
8.  I’m pissed that I’m still white despite swimming/tanning more frequently in the past 2 weeks. Clearly I need my annual big sunburn to do the trick here.

That’s about it for tonight.

P.S. Today is Princess Diana’s would be birthday. Happy birthday Di!



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