Fuck You, gud.

As a blogger (never really thought of myself in that way…) sometimes I read articles by other bloggers, mostly on Thought Catalog, that are interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring. And then I get this monumental urge to write something in relation to their article. I’ve had that happen about two or three times today. However, somehow the minutes between deciding I wanted to write in relation to those articles and finally opening up WordPress have diminished my desire to do so. And now I just feel blah.

I’ve also decided to start writing tonight’s post early. Like, at least 6 hours early, in the hopes that I’ll get to bed “on time”. And also because it’s only week one and I already have what seems like a pile of homework. Maybe I need to have a better attitude about homework and it won’t seem like it’s the end of the world every day. I think I officially have Senioritis. I don’t want to do anything, but unlike high school, I actually have shitloads of stuff to do.

I’m also kind of nervous about going to the gym today, for the first time ever, by myself. The amusing and ironic part of it is that I read an article today on Thought Catalog entitled Stop Caring What Everyone Else Thinks, which basically mirrored my hypocritical thoughts about the whole issue of caring what others think of you.

Relatedly, whenever I go outside to exercise around my neighborhood, for some reason the paranoia sets in and I think to myself ridiculous things like “I bet my neighbors are watching me, thinking ‘look at that fat girl‘” and whoever they might be saying that to might be replying with “‘yeah, but at least she’s doing something about her weight.'” Every. Single. Time. I guess that’s how insecurities work. But hey, at least I am doing something about my weight. I’m more confident and comfortable with who I am today than I ever have been.

I don’t have stupid, ignorant and naive high schoolers watching me with their peer-pressuring eyes, making me feel insecure on a day to day basis anymore. That’s the wonderful thing about college, actually. Especially art/design college. Nobody really gives a fuck what you look like, to be honest. And if they do, it’s most likely because they’re stuck in their high school mentality, or they’re a snobby fashion design student, if it’s related to clothing choices. True story.

Lastly, I just saw THIS on Facebook from güd:

And I am (probably unnaturally) infuriated with the message. UNTHANKFUL for European-style bathing suits? THAT’S FUCKING IGNORANT. Like, ugh, I can’t even properly express how angry that makes me. In a world that has been trying to get people to accept themselves and all kinds of weird things, this is just unacceptable. IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A EUROPEAN-STYLE BATHING SUITS, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, SO GO THE FUCK AHEAD.


Gyms and Capes and Weddings? Matt Grevers.

Who knew that talking about Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Matt Grevers would boost my blog views an INSANE amount? Maybe I should just sprinkle their names throughout my posts in the next two weeks. Hahahaha.

So yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble to get The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder cause I was having the “I’m Feeling Richer Effect” and it had been on my mind since I saw it over a week ago.

It is currently sitting on top of my growing pile of “to read” books. And because I want to get to it faster, I also finally read a few pages of the current book I’m reading so I can finish it already. Ryan Lochte. My plan for this past break was to finish that book and start reading new ones, but clearly, I did not do that. I should have, but I usually read before bed and I was way too tired every night.

Today was my first day of classes this term and it wasn’t too bad. I foresee myself getting frustrated and pissed and wanting to like, hang myself from rafters due to the amount of work that I’ll have to do, especially for fashion design 3. And I’m just really not digging the whole night class thing.

However, on the bright side, my mom signed up for a local gym and added me as an add-on, which I thought was kind of funny. I had been planning on joining Planet Fitness, so when she told me she joined our city gym I was really amused. I’m actually pretty excited about it and was thinking of going tomorrow after work, as my plan this term was to exercise on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays. Michael Phelps. And one of the weekend days, depending on when I work.

Lastly, I had a interesting little conversation today with HNI and abot about my future weddings and capes. Mostly about secretly pinning a cape to my dress at my wedding. In which HNI would help do that. HUH. I AM INTRIGUED about further details.

ETA: I was looking up information on various gyms around me and have decided that I would like to eventually join LA Fitness. They have A POOL. That’s all I care about. Being able to swim in the winter would be fucking glorious and I want to do that. They’re $40 a month though. BUT THEY HAVE A POOL. LIKE THE KIND I CAN DO LEGIT LAPS IN.

More Olympic Thoughts.

Every 4 years when I watch the Summer Olympics, I always get in a hyper-fitness mood. I watch these people break world records and lull myself into thinking that I could totally be like, half as good as them. Of course, I know I can’t – which to the optimist’s point of view, is like setting yourself up for a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. But I’ve never been very athletic (unless you count my legit boss skillz in handball and gold-medal excellence in grunting during tennis) and getting my body into Olympic shape would take A LONG ASS TIME. Although, I would love to be that fit.

I was watching swimming and gymnastics earlier and I thought to myself, man, sometimes I wish I had swimmer’s arms. But then I thought no, I’d look far too top-heavy. However, I would love to have a gymnast’s butt. They have the most spectacular butts. If you’re watching the Olympics this year, please tune into the gymnastics and stare at everyone’s butts. They’re fabulous.

Also, team USA really got their asses whooped by France in that 4×100 mens freestyle relay tonight. They were so close, but France forged ahead those last 10 meters. Touché. ALSO, why did Michael Phelps even participate in the individual 400 IM? He didn’t train for it, so what was the point? 4th place was embarrassing to watch. 

At least Ryan Lochte’s doing quite well this year. Seems like he’s the one to watch – competitively and eye-candily. Although I was reminded of the stunning Matt Grevers and his 6’8″ frame tonight during the 100m Backstroke and was hurtled back to 4 years ago when the Grevers-Lochte-Phelps trio was my swimming crush. *sigh*

Matt Grevers is a beast.

Lastly, I’m a little sad to find out that Ian Thorpe is not competing this year. Although I don’t think he competed in Beijing either. He’s getting old anyway, but he is such a babe. I remember watching The Thorpedo in Athens and Sydney. Bloody brilliant. They don’t call him The Thorpedo for nothing. ETA: He failed to qualify for the O

Ian Thorpe


I’ve been on a continuous ride of “pissed and annoyed” for the past 30 hours or so. I had to work with two of the owners of my second job yesterday and have found them to both be annoying, crotchety old men with fake smiles, fake interests, and the ugliest slimy-salesman laughs I’ve ever heard. Not to mention, they both like to give “pointers” and “tips” about how to make a sale and what to do and not to do, and I’m like bitch, mind your own business, I got dis.

And then of course, I come to find out that apparently I can’t just make a fucking status on Facebook because people are ignorant fucks who think they know everything because THEY HAVE SO MUCH FUCKING EXPERIENCE WITH FOREIGN TELEVISION. Can you hear the sarcasm in that? Because I’m still annoyed. People are so fucking oppressive.

This is why I keep my mouth shut about a lot of things. I keep a lot of my opinions to myself because GOD FUCKING FORBID they go unanswered by some smartass comment. Like, maybe I just want to voice my opinions to the universe and not have someone comment. WHAT A FUCKING IDEA!

Also, FUCK ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL SHOPPING AT 9 PM WHEN THE STORE IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED. You should be at home, sitting on your couch, not asking me retarded questions and wasting my goddamn time. I don’t want to see your face. I don’t want to answer your questions. And I don’t want you in my store. Get the fuck out!


IADT Detroit Imagine Fashion Show 2012


In case you haven’t gathered, my bff Alyza and I won BEST IN SHOW! last night at the IADT Detroit Imagine Fashion Show 2012! I’m still riding on that high and it’s beginning to feel a little surreal. Like, did last night really happen? And then I see that paper saying we were best in show and I’m reminded that it really is real.

They had us talk a little bit after they called our names in which I feel like we didn’t thank anyone except William Malcolm for liking our collection that much. SO, as a makeup for our dumbstruck rudeness, I’d like to formally thank first Alyza for being an amazing friend and genius pattern-maker and for balancing me out so well. I don’t think I could’ve pulled this off as good as it was without you. Secondly, thank you to all of you who supported us and believed in us – cliche, but true! And lastly, obviously thank you very much to the judges who chose our work as best in show this year. What an honor it is!

That said, on to the backstage highlights. We arrived in DTRO early to “pregame” as they say. Had lunch and a pina colada with Alyza, Tina, and Ross and then we arrived at the theatre half an hour early as everyone else started trickling in. It was rather hot and humid in the theatre, but the hottest part of the building was backstage where it was just as hectic and crazy as fashion shows you see on TV are.

I think we were supposed to have a run-through of the show before the real show, but that never happened. I’m thinking perhaps they told us we had to be there at 4 for that just so that they knew that everyone was there on time. They weren’t. One of our models showed up half an hour before the show and she didn’t get to model because she was so late.

I got my hair fixed, meanwhile, by the Paul Mitchell hair team and after the show got two of the girls’ contact information. They were very eager to work with me in the future if I ever needed their help. I’m pretty sure that was my first networking…thing. It was quite exciting.

Hair = fixed.

So, us designers played the waiting game downstairs in the dressing rooms while the show started, watching some program on the CW and wishing that that TV was live-streaming what the show looked like to the audience. I broadcasted that I found a Corona in the fridge, and two my fellow designers cracked that baby open and had a toast. It was wonderful.

And then we waited some more, as each of us was called in about groups of 3 to go backstage and get our models last minute prepped to walk on stage. Alyza, myself and everyone who was after us inched our way closer to the stage door so that we had more time to work with our models backstage, and I think that definitely worked in our favor. It was pretty sweet walking on stage after my models and getting so much applause from the audience.

Pre-show. Alyza looks like Velma from Scooby-Doo.

The second time around, when I went with Alyza, we walked to the end of the runway platform and did a little dance and then we sort of skipped away really quickly. After that, we weren’t really sure what to do, so we gathered all our garments and bags and headed back downstairs where somehow I was even hotter and sweatier than before. And then we all headed upstairs for the end of the show where we were announced best in show.

And then I went home. Hahahaha. I probably should’ve stayed for the afterglow, but I don’t think either Alyza or Tina did, so I don’t feel so bad. And that’s my version of the fun adventures of Imagine Fashion Show 2012! I’m thinking I might do this again next year.