Dear You

Dear You,

I’ve been saving this for last because I’ve been somewhat composing it in my mind in the past month, trying to perfect it in such a way that was appropriate as to what I want to say.

I suppose I should start off by saying if you read this, and you realize it’s about you, that I hope it won’t change things or make them awkward between us. Although, I’ve mentioned you many a-times here and maybe you’ve seen them (or maybe not) but you never seem phased, which honestly, I’m quite grateful for.

That said, I was warned not to boldly pursue my intentions concerning you because it wouldn’t end well, and so, I think for the most part, I’ve been doing a good job. I feel like I’ve “cooled off” from the idea of you, but you’re still kind of ever-present. I can’t decided which way I like better though. On the one hand, being hot and bothered by the thought of you was a thrill in itself. But on the other hand, I seem to suddenly have room to think of other things.

I’m not going to spill the whole contents of my heart out here, but you should know that I treasure and value the relationship we have. I often try to remember exactly how we got to be so friendly and how we got to know each other, and I can’t quite remember for sure, but I think it all began last summer. For some reason, you came upstairs. And for some reason, you stopped and talked with me. And for some reason, you’ve continued doing it for a year, walking through that door, always with a smile or a smirk on your face, and stopping for a chat.

I want you to know I look forward to each and every time that happens. Your presence in my life is something that has lifted by spirits and sustained them for a year now. I cherish this act of kindness very much, and I hope it makes you feel good to know that you make me feel happy. I enjoy your company and relish at the thought of our conversations, past and future. I appreciate that we can sit and talk for hours without it ever getting boring, or tiring, but rather ever-flourishing and stimulating. Thank you for that.

I look forward to future happy hours spent chatting with you about anything and everything and much more. Maybe someday all my hopes and wishes will come true…



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