Letter to My 16-year-old Self

Dear 16-year-old self,

Okay scaredy cat, you’re officially old enough to get your license, so go and get it. I know you’re going to wait a year, but trust me, you’ll love driving when you can finally do it on your own. Minus the highway, you’ll still be afraid of that – but that’s okay cause driving Woodward will be one of your favorite things to do in the summer.

Also, I know you’re concerned about your grades – not because they’re bad, but because you want to impress colleges. The one you’ll be going to doesn’t care WHATSOEVER about your high school performance. I’m pretty sure they won’t even accept your (failed) AP English exam score. And the one other one you’ll apply to cares about your portfolio more. (You get accepted to both!) Stop stressing out. You’ll do amazing things and meet wonderful people when you get there and move on and find new friends.

Also, I know you have your hopes up for college in terms of love, but baby, it’s not gonna change. Yeah the people pool is different and I know you’ve come to terms that nothing’s gonna happen in high school, but nothing’s going to happen in college either and while that’s kinda sad, it’s okay. Keep your hopes up, but don’t let them float you away. It’s dangerous.

Lastly, hang on to every one of those glorious high school moments. You’ll forget most of them, but they’re worth more than you know. Enjoy seeing your friends every day while you can.

Nearly 21-year-old self

P.S. You will finally meet Betsy IRL!


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