Dear Etsy Sellers

Dear Etsy Sellers,

I’m gonna try to keep this short since I only have a few things to complain about.

First of all, I’d like to say that most of you have some RIDICULOUS prices for what you’re selling. Not all of you! But a lot of you. Who in their right mind is about to drop $35,000 on a 2 carat diamond ring on Etsy? Really? Or more than $3 on something made of brass or plastic or resin or otherwise worthless. Let’s not fool ourselves here – if you want people to pay high prices, make good products out of high quality materials.

This ring is $35,000. You’d think I’d understand that, being in fine jewelry. I don’t. It’s not even like pure gold. 18 karats? Shitty.

Secondly, all of you who have those illegal BNS things and illegally email other users and harass them to be in the BNS’s need to stop. Like, now. I don’t fucking want 3 emails a day from your ass. Who are you? I don’t care about your shit, you’re not GAP telling me I get to save 40% on something I want, so don’t email me. Thanks.

Thirdly, I still think the majority of you guys are buttholes. I continue to find that many of you hold on to your “trade secrets” like it’s a sin to utter a word about them. I’m not trying to steal your business. I just want to know where I can find assloads of crystals for prices lower than your retail ones. Why is that so hard to divulge? Like, maybe I just want to have buckets of quartz and bismuth. 

That’s really about it. I don’t expect things to change, but boy, wouldn’t it be nice?

– A Fellow Seller


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