Dear Netty: An Open Letter to Netflix.

Dear Netflix,

I bet you were wondering when I’d take a crack at you this month. Just kidding, you don’t have a brain. But if you did, then you’d know how much I really don’t appreciate you shitting out on me at least once per whatever episode I’m trying to watch on my Google TV. We’ve had a good almost-year Netty, why the sudden error-parade? And worse, why is it that whenever I try to restart watching whatever it is I’m currently watching, that I have to restart my entire TV in order for you to work again? I don’t like that Netty. I don’t like it at all.

I pay $7.99 a month so you can deliver greatness to my life. Now, that may not be much, considering I have two jobs and can afford your frivolity. But that does not give you the right to poop out on me, or worse, offer me such a limited selection on instant.

See, before your big policy change last summer, I was very much considering getting the mail-in DVDs for $2 more. But your price increase to another $7.99 steered me clear. I don’t have that much time for you Netty, nor do I care to dish out $15.98 every month for your services. If I had decided to do this challenge a month ago, this would’ve been the part where I would’ve complained that you didn’t have Dawson’s Creek on instant. But you saved your ass there by FINALLY uploading it, even though we both knew it should’ve been added at the same time you added Felicity and other shows from that time period.

Why the hell don’t you have Sailor Moon, Netty? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD WATCH THAT SHIT!? Probably more than just me.

Speaking of which, I am continually disappointed with the selection of “mainstream” movies you offer me on instant, Netty. I feel like you should’ve acquired the rights to Avatar by last year, as well as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter, and dare I say it? Twilight. That’s right. Sometimes I feel the need to watch really cheesy love stories about vampires, werewolves, and an idiot teenage girl and frankly, I want to watch them instantly. Netty, you’re not delivering this to me and it make me really sad. Also, I am extremely disappointed with the selection of Robin Williams films and lack of stand up comedy.

But you know what Netty? At the same time, I kind of love you. I love you for The Tudors, Felicity, Keeping Up Appearances, Mad Men, and other goodies you do have on instant. I love you for the plethora of foreign movies I’ve watched, and I love you for hosting some raunchy ass stuff. But for the love of god Netty, get some better shit on there.

A Semi-Satisfied Customer.

And with that said, I started watching Mad Men last night on Netty up there. So far, so good. I’m enjoying the costumes and the allure of the 60s, despite everyone smoking like snakes and drinking (while pregnant!). Not to mention the racism, sexism, and infidelity. Apparently that shit ran rampant in the 60s. People were so naive back then.

I also had a photoshoot today! I was behind the camera the whole time, taking action shots of my friend Kris for one of his photography projects. It was pretty cool actually. We spent about 40 minutes in a field by the The Hill (not The Hills restaurant) and slowly watched a storm roll in in the process. Luckily, it started raining right as we were getting into our cars and going our separate ways. Pictures coming soon!



  1. LMAO!!! Funny post.. I’m a 43 yo male and I love Sailor Moon! :p I used to watch it years ago with my good friend’s daughter. Then I started watching it on my own. I’ve always wanted to get into S and Super S and whatever other series were available but never found time or scheduled airings. Once I found that Netflix had them, back in May or June or so of this year, I signed up. At least it was the deciding factor for my signing. Now that I have time to watch a season or two, I find it’s no longer there! Yes, that is shitty, Netty…

    I actually found this blog while trying to google why Netflix no longer streams Sailor Moon. I mean, if you google just, you’d see pages for series, seasons and episodes are there. But for whatever reason they’re no longer making them available. Which is strange because Sailor Moon is very popular. At least much more so than most of the other anime being made available. Lucky for them, Netflix has other stuff that I also enjoy – The Tudors, Overhaulin’, Stargate SG-1, The First 48, etc, etc. But yeah, hopefully they’ll get their act together and make Sailor Moon available again soon.

    Anyone passing through have any info on why Sailor Moon was dropped from Netflix and if and when it may be made available again?

    Great post, Viviana..


    1. I have no idea Netflix used to have Sailor Moon! Was it on instant or in DVD form? I only have instant. If it was available on instant and they took it away that’s REALLY annoying. I can understand if they had some like copyright issues or something legitimate like that. But I feel like once you signed the rights to broadcast something, they should never be taken back, you know? I really hope they bring it back. I’d like to watch the show on my giant TV screen hahaha.



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