Sometimes you come across little gems throughout your life that glow into bright spots. Sometimes they’re big deals, sometimes they only matter to you. Today I discovered Netflix FINALLY added Dawson’s Creek to their instant play selection! I was so excited, I watched 3 episodes and found them to be equally as cheesy and promising at Felicity was in the beginning. Must be that 1998 flair.

I also decided to buy this dress from Target after coveting it for a while now. I had mild buyer’s regret for about a minute there, but you can never have enough dresses and I still believe in the idea that money always comes. Plus, it’s nearly the same design as the super awesome Calypso St. Barth collection dress I got last year from Target for $5 because someone returned it after buying it online – so it fits wonderfully and flaunts and hides all the right things. I would love to work for them…

I also spent a good chunk of time today focusing on making roses for mine and Alyza’s fashion show designs. I got them all singed, sewn and ready to go. My eyeballs hurt a little bit after staring at candlelight for so long.

That’s all I got tonight. It’s hot in my room.



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