Meeting Friends and Stuff.

So, I just met my longtime online friend Betsy (and her friend Mindy who I also know, but not as well) for the very first time in person today. It’s still a little surreal and exciting and strange, but I think we get along pretty well in real life. Sure there were some “lulls” in the conversation (in fact, she told me that apparently there was a research study done that concluded that approximately every 7 minutes, there are “lulls” in conversations) but it’s pretty easy to talk to her – and it should be, after the 8 or 9 years we’ve talked on messengers nearly every night!

Normally this would be the part where I would share a cute photo of said event, but I only took 3 pictures so far, and I am in none of them (not that it really matters whether I’m in them or not, but I care) so I hope tomorrow or the next I might have some to share. I’m still so excited! I was surprised that they’re both shorter than I am, especially Mindy, who I also imagined to be at least a couple incher taller than me. But it’s still so cool to finally meet both of them, in particular Betsy, after knowing each other in the online world for so long. It’s kind of like pen pals way back in the day, but in the virtual age.

Anyway, so there’s a month left until our final garments are due for the fashion show. Alyza and I have to entirely create all of our outfits. We’re about halfway done with the two piece set because we’re doing it for one of our classes. And then we have to set to work to figure out how to construct the other 2…my brain might literally explode. This is going to be quite an adventure, I can just tell. Last night we go the fabrics for the dresses and thank SWEET BABY JESUS for Joann’s coupons cause we saved about $95, but still spent $139. She blames it on my expensive taste – to which I have to say that I can’t help that Dupioni silk moves and looks amazing.

And now it’s time to watch the last episode of Felicity. Full series review coming up tomorrow, most likely!



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