Another Shopping Saturday.

I woke up this morning with two things in mind: one, that I had to urgently pee, and pee a lot, and two, that I would go to the Rust Belt in downtown Ferndale. I did both and felt great after each.

All the vendors at the Rust Belt were new (to me) since I hadn’t been there since last July. I was a bit sad that the woodwork guy wasn’t there. Last summer, there was a vendor who made really cool jewelry out of wood, and I was hoping he’d be there so I could grovel over his amazing $20 earrings. Instead, I discovered a rather shy and awkward lady who sold crystals (!!!) and did not share in my excitement for her awesome little shop. I think she thought I was crazy or something, and immediately after I professed how excited I was about her crystals, I started nervous-sweating all over my face, neck and shoulders from the look she gave me. She also gave psychic readings for $20 but her awkward shyness made me skip out on that. I was content enough with my clear crystal point and bismuth chunk.

And since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by the Natural Patch food store to pick up some energy chunks. I absolutely love this place. I discovered it last summer at the same time as the Rust Belt and it was love at first price-sighting. They’re basically an independently owned Whole-Foods-esque type of grocery/medicinal store with massive amounts or organic everything. My favorite things they carry are the handmade energy chunks and date & coconut rolls. And their sweetened banana chips are THE BEST. They’re not greasy at all, which is something I often find with banana chips.

I dropped by Meijer afterwards to see if they had 1 gallon mason jars and terranium-appropriate plants, of which they had neither. In the process, I got hit on by the garden center guy for about 20 minutes. I was trying to gauge his age the entire time cause I think I saw some gray hair, but he looked about 28.

But the highlight of my day above all things was probably the most inconsequential thing: as I was driving down Woodward under the bridge by the Detroit Zoo, there was a class of elementary school kids on the bridge walking toward the Zoo and I had an innate feeling that they were going to wave at the cards coming. I was in the lead with no cars around for for about a quarter of a mile and I looked up as I was passing, and they waved down and I waved back up to them and after that I felt so incredibly happy and had the biggest smile on my face for a good five minutes. It’s the simple things in life…



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