Leonardo DiCaprio, You Phenomenally Sexy Man.

Few people excite me as much as Leonardo DiCaprio. First of all, let me just say that he is one of the sexiest, most attractive men on the face of this planet, if not THE sexiest and most attractive. I’ll even go as far as saying he tickles my fancy more than Jim Parsons. That’s right. More than Jim Parsons.

Sexual eyegasm.

So naturally, whilst researching fashions during the time of The Great Gatsby and finding some modern photos of Carey Mulligan playing Daisy Buchanan, I was intrigued. So intrigued, that I IMDBed that shit and found out that LEONARDO MOTHERFUCKING DICAPRIO IS IN THE GREAT GATSBY REMAKE THAT’S COMING OUT THIS CHRISTMAS AS JAY GATSBY AND TOBEY BLOODY MAGUIRE PLAYS NICK CARRAWAY. I am so damn excited I can barely contain it!

I found some paparazzi photos of the three of them while on set in Sydney, and all I could do for 10 minutes was sit and swoon over how breath-takingly hot Leo is. I also got an unnatural dislike toward Carey in the movie poster (I actually quite like her otherwise) because I thought to myself that Kate Winslet should be in his arms. Which is completely ridiculous because I know that she’s married with kids and that they’re just really good friends, but I’ve always wanted them to end up together for real.

*Replaces Carey with Kate….*

I mean, they were such a beautiful couple in Titanic, and such a fucked up 50s couple in Revolutionary Road (WATCH THAT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT) that I feel like they need to be together IRL.

Not only is Leo irresistibly attractive, but he is also one of my all-time favorite actors. The man is just bloody brilliant. I often watch movies with him in them multiple times, except for Romeo and Juliet; I hate that version. Some of my favorite include Blood Diamond (SOOOO GOOD), The Aviator, Titanic obviously, and The Man in the Iron Mask.

PLUS, he is such a humanitarian and I absolutely love that about him. I feel like he genuinely cares about making a difference through his fame and riches, and I aspire to be that awesome. I also aspire to be in his pants. 



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