Crystals and Snobs.

My thoughts for today are this:

There should be certain information that should not take 10 million years to uncover and should not be clutched so dearly to people’s chests. In this case, I speak of crystals/precious/semi-precious stones and roughs and where I can purchase them semi-wholesaled so I can make jewelry and sell it.

I’ve spent at least the last hour or more googling in earnest trying to find a proper answer, and can’t seem to come across a legit enough website with the answers I’m looking for. I stooped low enough to contact various (snobby) sellers on Etsy and ask where they get their shit from. I know I’m either going to get no response or some kind of evasive answer that will include BUY MY STUFF. Which is ridiculous. Like, yes, I understand you don’t want competition, but uh, you’ve GOT competition already! Another rock in the pool is not going to make a difference.

I mean really. This isn’t some kind of big secret. Share your infos.

I asked a good chunk of sellers on Etsy about 2 years ago where they get their mini dollhouse bottles from and I got the above reactions: no response or “oh, well, just buy my stuff.” Umm, no! That’s not why I PMed you, asshole!

But anyway, I’ve wanted to make my own crystal jewelry for a while now. Except I lack crystals. Or sources that could point me to sellers. I bought 2 pink quartz points from a crystal store in downtown Ferndale last summer, but they’re not wholesale. However, I only paid maybe 2 bucks for them? I don’t know, I need to research this more.


    1. Thank you for not being snobby! Hahaha, funny thing was after I posted this last night one of the people I PMed who I was completely expecting a snobby response from actually responded nicely and said to check out trade shows.
      Anyway, I’m looking for the rough unpolished kinds of stuff. And by unpolished, I kind of more mean like….semi-polished. Not tumbled or ready to use beads, but like the picture I included in the post. I will check out fusionbeads though, thank you!



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