Back In Detroit, Baby.

Aaaah, it’s good to be back in my own bed, in the burbs, not living out of a suitcase or being a guest. Not to say I didn’t enjoy vacationing during my vacation, but being a natural homebody, I’ve missed home. When I entered the house, it smelled different. My mom said it must’ve been because I hadn’t been home for a week. I was like that’s weird, but interesting.

I’m too lazy and tired to discuss anything else tonight, so I’ll just leave with this:

Day 29: What do you think people misunderstand most about you?
Hahahaha, this one’s easy: my facial expressions. I make a lot of them. Sometimes I look angry or sad or concerned and I’m not at all and people are like omg are you okay? And I’m confused as to why they think I’m not. Sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying. What can you do.



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