Beaches and Bonfires and Gold

I’m quite proud of myself. Not only did I fully pack for Philly tomorrow, but I also did laundry, exercised, showered, curled my hair, managed time to write in my diary, paint my nails (twice), take pictures, AND edit and upload them. It was quite a nice and relaxing Saturday despite trying to make sure I packed everything I needed to. Oh, I also checked into my flight tomorrow and printed my boarding pass! HIGH 5 SELF!

I had kind of planned on hopefully having some time to finish reading Harry Potter 7 so I can start moving on with my TO READ stack, but I didn’t have enough time for that. I might chip away a chapter tonight though…maybe I’ll get ambitious and finish it. Probably not. Also, in the stream of random thought – this song came on the radio today and I hadn’t heard it in a couple of months. It brought back many memories from last Spring when I was madly in love/lust with a guy named Eric. I remember sitting in his cubicle (student worker for IT) and him asking me if I’d heard this song before and I said yes. I remember he really liked it, and I felt like we were getting somewhere. We weren’t. It shall forever be linked to that memory, as well as a cool, bright sky-steel blue color. I might have shared this song way back, I’m not sure. But I love it lyrically and musically and everythingly.

Also, you should go check out Vivography for my newest post, but to give you all a teaser, here is one of the pictures that’s up over there. I’m in love with the way the rose pictures turned out.

And now, Day 21: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?
Would psychic ability count? If so, I choose that. Even though I would probably not be able to use it on myself (bummer) I would love to know the futures of people I encounter. I think it’s pretty sweet that there are actual people out and about who do have this ‘superpower’. If only I knew someone like that personally…I often go into bouts of paranoia/wonderment about my future and desperately wish I could just have someone who sees my future reassure me everything’s going to be okay. Although, more specifically about my (nonexistent) love life.
If psychic ability does not count, then I guess my backup would be…MAGIC? Harry Potter style. Give me a wand, put me in a house, teach me enchantments and I will perform. Oh yes. Yes yes yes. Now THAT’S a superpower that I would absolutely go bonkers over.



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