“How Do You Make Love Someone Animal Style?”

I’m not entirely sure, but I think I may have caught a minor cold or something. I can’t remember how or why but it probably has to do with eating ice cream and leaving windows open on Sunday. Kind of annoying. So I brewed some Tulsi Jasmine tea. That shit is SO DAMN GOOD. The packet smells like my mom’s gingerbread cookies with extra cloves. I wish I could bottle the scent and spray it on myself as perfume. It’s that good.

So tomorrow is presentation day in textile design and fashion design 2. I’m pretty excited because it means after we present I’LL NEVER HAVE THOSE CLASSES AGAIN. HELL YES! I really hope HNI makes it to textile design to watch presentations and critique. I wouldn’t mind seeing some people in tears – but I really hope I won’t be one of those people haha.

Also, I caught Glee and New Girl tonight (YAY) and first of all, I just want to see Mercedes looked SMOKIN’ hot in this episode and every shot of Chord Overstreet was an orgasm for my eyes. I was like yess, Trouty Mouth, please move your luscious lips some more. He is so fucking hot.

OMG look at those sexy poppy-outy veins on her arms. I want to touch them with my face. All day.

Secondly, I got a little tipsy during New Girl (a big shot of Limoncello will do that to me…) and found it extra hilarious. INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD. PLOW JOBS. POPOCORNO. WHAT IF I CAN’T GET TO 5TH CHAKRA? HOW DO YOU MAKE LOVE TO SOMEONE ANIMAL STYLE? WE MADE A CARAMEL MIRACLE. A RUSSIAN NESTING DOLL SITUATION. I mean seriously, the lines on this show make me cry because they’re so good. I want to make Schmidt pocket-size and stick him in my pocket and take him everywhere so he can say obscenely obnoxious things to me all day long. I would do the same to Sheldon Cooper and Chord Overstreet. Unf!

That said, Day 17: What is the thing you most wish you were great at?
Well, I personally believe I’m pretty great at everything I have an ACTUAL desire to be great at – in other words, artsy things. However, my math skills are eh on a scale of vanilla to orgasmically awesome. I like doing math when I understand it – like when we were doing all kinds of polynomial shit in College Algebra I was like HELLZ YEAH MOTHAFUCKAS I LEARNED DIS SHIT IN 10TH GRADE GET AT ME BRAH all over the damn place. I actually enjoyed it. On the other hand – ask me to do anything involving the quadratic equation and I will grow the urge to punch you in the sensitive area.



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