Life is Better as a Redhead.

So today we had a field trip in Fashion Design 2 class to Cynthia LaMaide‘s studio in Rochester. It’s in her house, and it was really cool. We only saw her basement studio (she said she had other stuff in other parts of the house) but it was absolutely fantastic. There were fabrics everywhere and inspiration boards and a loom and a knitting machine and a sketching area and massive, and I mean massive, amounts of yarns and threads and knick-knacks. It was like a designer wonderland down there. Plus, she is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. And she’s a pretty awesomely quirky designer. She used to style/make clothes for Lenny Kravitz and she is the godmother of his kids, and vice versa. Here’s this super cool framed picture she’s got hanging up in her studio!

He's wearing a tank she made for him!

Today is also PodBot upload day and we have a new video up on our Youtube channel. Today’s topic was our obsessions with shoes and panties. I personally think it was a pretty amusing video, despite being a little lengthy. We gotta work on that, I know. We also talked about Sheldon Cooper/HNI and I think we kinda scared him a little, but I got that sorted out. Phew! I sat in my car talking to him after returning that skirt today on the brink of tears for no good reason at all over that little dilemma. It was ridiculous.

On the bright side, I reminded him of my super awesome fluffy llama and he is determined to own it. But you know what’s better? I’M A FUCKING REDHEAD AGAIN. And it feels so good. Freshly dyed hair is my favorite. It’s all ruby red and fluffy and soft and gorgeous. I want to roll around in this color. I told HNI it has a fantastic texture in my mouth and he said I’m nuts. Funny! But he should understand what I mean!

Oh, I almost forgot, Day 4: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self.
1. No, things will not change in college in terms of love. You will NOT have a boyfriend.
2. Rock the hell out of that outfit!
3. Cherish every moment with your friends. With college comes separation and distance and change. They won’t all be your friends any more.
4. Enjoy summer vacation while you can. The college you’ll be going to doesn’t have such a thing.
5. You’re going to go back to the homeland soon. You’re going to speak the language again. And discover the people are really fucking mean. But they don’t matter, so be happy with yourself and who you are. You’ve worked hard to craft yourself into this beautiful person that you are.
6. It’s okay to open up more.
7. Don’t mind the whores and douchebags. They’re not amounting to much.
8. You’ll fall madly in love/lust a few more times…can you just hurry up and learn to stop doing that already? It’s kind of going to break your heart. Like, a lot. But I guess that’s what’ll make you stronger.
9. You’re going to have an amazing ‘mentor’/friend in the future that’s going to push you to be want to be better. Listen to him.



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