Bless Your Soul, You Got Your Head in the Clouds

Today has been a mini little rollercoaster of a day. I found out that I might be getting kicked off the family cell phone plan whenever we’re getting new phones this year. I guess I should be saying hello to adulthood or something. Pretty sure I’m gonna be moving to Sprint or Virgin if this happens. I love Verizon, but I’m not paying their ridiculous monthly rates for what I want/need.

Anyway, I don’t remember if I mentioned that the night we came back from New York City, I showered before bed and I fell in the bathtub. If I didn’t, well, it happened. And I have the biggest, ugliest bruise to show for it on my left thigh. It looks like I got violently beaten and it hurts. A lot. But I almost kind of like it in a weird sadistic way. It’s the size of Australia and it’s purple, blue, and maybe a little black? Gross, I know. But also awesome.

You know what else is awesome? Shopping. Today my mom and I went to Somerset cause I wanted to get the Royal Apothic Rollerball Rosewood perfume from Anthropologie. I got it, plus one of the most divine smelling candles ever – Illume Boulangerie Jar in Coconut Macaroon. It was that or the Whipped Cream and Pears. Or Angel Food. They all smelled AMAZING. I might go back and get the Whipped Cream and Pears one eventually. I also I bought mini candles from Bath and Body Works (today was their first day reopening the Somerset branch; renovation) cause they were 2 for $5 and they had some pretty neat scents.

And then I went shopping by myself later in the day cause I wanted to get my free underwear before my coupons expired at Victoria’s Secret. Speaking of which, the amount of underwear I’ve acquired in the past month should be outlawed. Seriously. I’m almost ashamed. Except it’s underwear, and I will forever think you can never have enough. Even when your giant Ikea box overflows…But anyway, I also stopped by Forever 21 and found this atrocious plus size dress that was in clearance for $8 and almost bought it except that I found a different $8 dress that wasn’t atrocious. Score?

And then there’s Meijer. I needed some essentials, but ended up finding other stuff, like Indian dinners! If living with Maria and Dan for a week did anything, it was spiking my interest in Indian food. They eat a lot of Arabic/Indian/that-part-of-the-world cuisine and I liked it. So I bought a few heat-and-eat Indian dinners from Meijer. They’re also conveniently low-pointed on Weight Watchers. Double fuck yeah! AND, Meijer was having 2 for $4.00 on Neuro drinks, so I got 2 more Sleeps. And when I came home, I discovered I had not one but 2 other Sleeps in the cupboard. Eight days of amazing sleep coming up, when I need it.

And finally, for the last time this month, Day 30: List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.
1. Contributions to fashion/art/photography.
2. Speeches.
3. Writing/poetry.
4. Philanthropy.
5. Being a good friend.
6. Weird and strange awesomeness.
7. My phenomenal taste in music.
8. Cooking/baking superpowers.
9. Synesthesia.
10. My hair. Vain? Maybe.

P.S. Title = Rumor Has It – Adele

Back In Detroit, Baby.

Aaaah, it’s good to be back in my own bed, in the burbs, not living out of a suitcase or being a guest. Not to say I didn’t enjoy vacationing during my vacation, but being a natural homebody, I’ve missed home. When I entered the house, it smelled different. My mom said it must’ve been because I hadn’t been home for a week. I was like that’s weird, but interesting.

I’m too lazy and tired to discuss anything else tonight, so I’ll just leave with this:

Day 29: What do you think people misunderstand most about you?
Hahahaha, this one’s easy: my facial expressions. I make a lot of them. Sometimes I look angry or sad or concerned and I’m not at all and people are like omg are you okay? And I’m confused as to why they think I’m not. Sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying. What can you do.

Lazy Saturday in Pajamas.

After spending the entire day walking around Manhattan yesterday, today has been a well-deserved sit around in our pajamas and do nothing kind of day with Maria. We watched Bridesmaids and (500) Days of Summer and drank Appletinis. And glimpsed the neighbor across the street being naked after a shower.

Anyway, so as I said yesterday, I didn’t fall in love with New York the way I know so many people do when they first go to the city. I mean, yeah, it’s pretty grand and expansive and full of PEOPLE everywhere. That’s probably one of the top things that turns me off to cities. There’s fucking people everywhere. No room to walk, to breathe, to think. Visiting cities like Chicago and Philly and NYC makes me love living in the burbs. I mean, I kind of get the best of both worlds; first of all, people know how to drive (for the most part – I will elaborate on this) it’s relatively quiet, compared to a big city, there’s ROOM, etc. I guess it’s kinda vanilla though. Being a hipster in a big city is no big deal – being a hipster in the burbs is weird and people look at you like you’re crazy.

And the whole driving thing – obviously when you’re in a big city it’s crowded so it takes like a hundred years to get around. It’s better to just walk or take the subway, which in turn makes you skinnier – side note, one thing I’ve noticed is that people are skinnier here in the cities. But back to driving – people don’t know how to fucking drive in cities. I’ve seen so many fuck ups in my one week in Philly, and New York was a whole other story. I mean, it was classic movie taxis everywhere, honking all over the damn place, police EVERYWHERE, lights and advertisements at every corner. It’s too busy.

I did like Central Park though. We only went a few hundred feet into it, but it muffled the sounds of the city enough to make me realize how damn noisy it is there. I don’t like being in very noisy environments. That’s definitely another reason I’m kind of turned off by cities. I need quiet and solitude throughout various parts of my day to function. The sound of sirens, horns, babble, music etc. day and night does not excite me or invigorate me or make me want to spend my life in NYC. Which almost makes me feel like a turd because Maria is absolutely infatuated with NYC, whereas I was not as amazed as I perhaps should have been or should be expected to be. I guess Chicago stole that virginity from me.

HOWEVER, the shopping was pretty phenomenal. I can’t deny that. We went to GAP, Banana Republic, Forever 21 (flagship!), Ann Taylor Loft, Toys ‘R’ Us (and rode the ferris wheel), the NBC studios store, and a few other stores. We almost went into Saks, but then ended up going to a Starbucks nearby that had the absolute worst service ever. There was no one there waiting to be served besides us, and it took like 5 minutes to get noticed. And probably 10 minutes for my frappucino to be made, not to mention the weirdo lady working the register didn’t even tell me how much everything cost, and she didn’t give me a receipt. It was a weird experience. First world problems.

Anyway, so here’s Day 27: What is your favorite part of your body and why?
Okay, so I can’t even lie here: I LOVE my boobs. My boobs and my face. I also love my legs, knee down. But back to my boobs – I love them because firstly, they are boobs. Boobs are fun. They’re fun to look at, to touch, to admire, to draw etc. They’re just these round, attractive bits that despite being straight, I cannot help but stare at on any woman. Progression of staring goes face, boobs, rest of body, face, boobs, boobs, more boobs, some more face. Boobs. And my face, I love my face. I’m photogenic, so it’s kind of cool to look at pictures of myself and think WOW that looks like me but it totally doesn’t. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? ¬†And my legs – I think I have some pretty neat legs. I’ve gotten compliments on them before, which is also a nice confidence boost. I’m privileged not to have kankles, so, yay!

Day 28: What is your love language?
I’m not exactly sure what this means, so I will interpret it as this: Flirty nerdspeak. I’m naturally attracted to nerdy guys. So I flirt with them in uh…nerdspeak. Like let’s discuss Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and how Apple sucks and whatever. Also, electronics. I’ll fall asleep in anyone’s arms that wants to spend time talking to me about all kinds of stupid shit like that.

New York City!

Pretty sure I won’t be back in Philadelphia tonight in time for a legit post, so it’s mobile tonight! Spent the day walking 10 hours in Manhattan. It’s fucking cold right now, and it’s been chilly and very windy all day. I made the mistake of wearing my Banana Republic blazer instead of my trench coat, so I’ve been complaining about the cold wind the entire time. But it’s been fun. I don’t think I’ve fallen in love with this city like I know so many people do, but it’s been awesome to be in this amazingly monumental place. Kind of surreal, but pretty damn sweet.

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I Want To Live In The Bergdoll Mansion.

Today has been quite a tiring day. I spent most of it inside between exercising, showering, straightening my hair and browsing the interwebs. I also got rather drunk after 3 appletinis and had to pee like a fucking racehorse.

After starting to sober up a bit, Maria and I decided it was really gorgeous outside, so we spent the last 2 hours walking to the Philadelphia Art Museum and I did the whole Rocky steps thing. This stranger even started playing the Rocky theme song for like a few seconds on her iPhone for me. Then we took pictures by the Washington Monument across the square and then began our journey back home. We walked down some gorgeous historical looking streets. There were churches on pretty much every corner.

We also stopped by to take a look at the Bergdoll Mansion on 22nd and Green Street. It’s this absolutely beautiful and enormous mansion that takes up a good chunk of the corner of the street. It’s been converted into luxury apartments. I would love to live there. It looks like it’s full of history and sumptuous luxury.

Bergdoll inside and outside.

We also stopped into a pet store on our way back home cause they had 3 female cats up for adoption. Two tuxedos and a tortoise. I personally really liked the full-grown tuxedo. She looked very laid back and nonchalant. I don’t know if I’ve expressed this before, but I would absolutely love to be able to have touchable pets. I’ve thought about adopting a cat without asking my parents. I know they’d probably be pretty pissed at first, but they would (I think) eventually come around.

Unless my dad decides to be a total douchecanoe and do like he did when we rescued a pigeon a couple years ago. There was a hurt pigeon by our house, so my mom and I tried nursing it back to health. We literally had it for like a day and my dad made it fly away while it was still hurt. I was so fucking pissed, I remember crying in anger because he was such an asshat. It was a damn BIRD. Like come on.

Day 26: What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?
I’m not exactly sure. That there’s enough drinking water? That there’s enough oil? That religion will “save” you or some shit? I mean, there’s a lot to choose from.