Jacob Hoggard, You Sexual Beast

I’ve spent the last…oh, maybe half hour or so unconsciously trying to figure out why my hair smells different than usual. I JUST remembered that it’s not my hair at all. I put Lush’s Creme Anglaise on my face before I blow dried my hair tonight. I also just spent the past half hour playing people back on Draw Something. I officially have 20 games going on. Here’s the downside to that: either I have a shit ton of people to play back at one time, or I have no one to play back cause they’re all turds. They piled up today.

Speaking of today, it was pretty fantastical. Except for one of my classes was kinda tense. Our teacher tends to get offended when we complain about how we’re confused, even when she asks us to tell her what we think of the class in honest terms. But that aside, it was a good day. Alyza and I finally set up a Youtube account (via much “YOU NEED TO DO THIS ASAP” from HNI) and uploaded not one, but two videos tonight. Here’s the intro video, please enjoy and lol at your leisure. But we hope you lol often.

You can check out the other video at our channel right here. If you have any suggestions for future videos, let us know in the comments or email us at podiboty@gmail.com. We tried getting podbot on both gmail and youtube but some asshole already took the name. I was sad.

So uh, I mentioned HNI up there a wee bit and I just want to expand on that a little here. There’s not much to expand on really, but a.bot and I were watching some video on youtube and he popped out of the abyss and scared the shit out of me. I was not expecting to see him at all today cause I hadn’t seen him earlier and when he came up it was like half an hour before closing time. It was the cherry on top of a great day to see that face, especially when I told him PodBot is official.

Also, I just want all of you to know that I’m listening to my Hedley station on Pandora right now and they’re actually playing Hedley and it just reminds me of the Hedley concert Alyza and I went to in 2010. And I really wish Jacob Hoggard could sing me to sleep every night. I would tap that ass to the moon and back. He is so damn sexy. Raging lady boner for that man.


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